How does Fire/Poison/ice Shield work and why use ice shield?

hi guys im still not sure how the protection on the hero items work.


1.i read and found out that it was first a shield for example fire that will vanish after the dmg absorbed after that i read that the shield does not absord the dmg but reduce it for the whole raid.


  1. and also i like to know why many hight players use ice shield? does ice shield also prevent you from slow? otherwise it would make no sense to use it right?


3.since so many players are using archers and arbs wouldnt it be the best to use normal dmg protection?

1-as far as I noticed shield works during your whole raid.suppose you have fire sheild on armour,then everytime when you receive damage from pyros,gargoyle towers and firebolt tower it reduce the damage which you receive from these things.ut works in the same way like attacking on boosted palladins with poison damage sword.he will heal himself continuously but then at the end he dies.similarly sheild will reduce the damage but if you are getting excessive damage then effective ness of the shield will lost.

2-ice shield does not reduce the slow effect of ice but it only reduce the damage which you are getting from ice attack.have you heard the name froster blaster,yes those little fellas,high lvl players have ice shield because of them.they shoot you continuously with frost damage.

3-see boosted archers are common these days and they do excessive blunt damage.and normal archers and abs have piercing damage.and I don’t think there is any sheild which protect you from piercing damage.normal attack shield will only protect you from knights and having different type of shields on different items is always having poison shield on armour,fire shield on pouldrans,leadership on crown,cape,ring,belt,wind boost in shoes,ice damage in sword and blunt damage on gloves.