How does production actually work?

When a island says like production with hero 88 ambrosia 5 dominance. 

Over what time span is it? I feel like I’m waiting forever just to get 20ambrosia. And the production in my main Base is so low also. Is it just the way it is?

I’ve been playing alot of rr2. Maybe I’m just used to a very much faster resource system because of that.

Would be alot better if we could watch videos like in rr2 to fill up the ambrosiaso we could raid.

Hello Macamus,

The production is shown for a 8h timeframe.

Thanks for info.

So I need to put a hero for 8 hours on a ambrosia island to afford ONE raid. 

Seems a bit crazy :/ 

Yeah that plus your unoccupied islands that have ambrosia as well as your temple that makes it. And sometimes you get it in chests. I can attack anywhere from 8-12 times a day now so it’s properly scaled. Just a long grind for some. All about that patience…or ability to buy gems lol

Is the 8h timeframe still valid?