How does scream boost work?



I am just wondering which items should I  buy from the granny. like if there is an item that offers 10% scream boost so I will get 10% extra of my whole leadership points? for example if I have 9000 points leadership I will get 900 extra points? or how does it work?



Scream is a thing, leadership or morale boosts is another.

Scream boost reduces the cooldown to call more often your troops. (the symbol is the esclamation mark) here a flothaboss video that show that 10% of scream boosts reduce the cooldown of  around 1,5s as he tested.

Leadership boost increase your leadership of your hero. (the symbol is the crown)

Scream boost increases the “regeneration rate” of your hero scream ability, thus shortening it’s cooldown.


If I recall correctly from my own testing, 50% scream boost = 150% of regular scream regeneration = 75% of regular cooldown, which translates to roughly 50% more active time for hero scream.