How does slow down perk work?

I have 3% slow down on my sword, but I cant able to see what is the difference?

Does it make only troop/tower, which is hit by my king, slow down, or all enemy troops/towers?

Is that perk useful or just for fun?



It slows down everything on the map, it is kinda similar to a “time warp”.

It can be only on sword?

Aether - can you confirm that 5% slow down perk = 5% slow to everything on the map?  I’ve been trying to notice swapping this in and out with other weapons and I literally can’t tell anything.  Since it can only come on the weapon it’s hard to get much higher than this either.  Short of freeze framing to count the individual skulls launched per second, can you confirm in any other way it’s working?  There is no visible difference I can discern from how fast the waves are moving or enemy troops are hitting.

I have 4% and i can feel that the falling bomb and flying gargoyles are more manageable when i use this slow down perk. Paired with 29% speed boots, i can kick almost all incoming bombs easier than before and use blizzard spell to kill incoming flying gargoyles with better timing. Sofar, those are the things that really noticeable for me when i use that perk.