How does the voucher system work?



I read the announcment topic but didn’t really get how do vouchers work so can someone tell me how does it work?


and also one more question, I added one voucher but I can’t add another one now, what’s wrong and how can I add another voucher?


I think it might be limited to adding 1 a day or something


and im pretty sure you receive vouchers when one of your voucher friends level up or accomplish certain achievements

Here we are with my video =) 

damn I was pretty accurate for assuming :wink:

Hmmm I’m in the video ahaha. Side note, I actually thought it was only able to add a person per account!

is it better to add low level king? i mean r the vouchers for each level up regardless of the king level or higher kings give more vouchers?

How can I get my prize…?

Good but sad

Thanks a lot, oPelle, for this video! :slight_smile:

Low level players give a lot less when they level up. Level 15-16  granted me 1 ticket only.

Level 88 just gave me only 1 ticket too…x)

Wow, really? :open_mouth:

Wow, that’s lame…


So for e.g. the 150 tickets to 50 gems, you need like 5 higher kings all reach lvl 120? Very helpful to have that feature, really xD  :lol:

For 3 “voucher friends” level ups I got consecutively:


21 + 1 + 0 !!!


3rd - got the message about level up… and nothing more!

I got 2 friends who won a league and leveled up, and 1 friend that leveled up and got 21 tickets

Hey,one of my voucher freind levelled up bt didnt got vouchers dont knw y



friend got level 54 = 21


friend got level 87 = 0


Add my friend code PBOCUIB




I have only been able to enter one code per account not the one per day as mentioned in the video.

so what i’m hearing is there is no point of these vouchers for their return? if you think how much time you will spend entering and sending voucher numbers for the little gain its not worth your time.