How good is Siren (Unit & Power) against defending towers?

Good day, Friends!

Assuming moderate upgrade, could experienced players please (test &) let me know the following:

  1. How good is the stun effect of an invading Siren unit on defending towers?
  2. How good is the stun effect of an invading Hero’s Siren power on defending towers?
  3. Could the Siren unit & power be a good survival strategy while invading an opponent at a much higher level?

Thanks in advance ?

They both suck. 

Well depends on your play style.

I use siren spell to pull the phoenix or hydra or archers from the other side of the barricade or to destroy nyx towers quickly with a combo of Damocles.

As a unit I only use siren of Persephone in both offense and defense but not normal sirens.

So I like them a lot and during mid levels siren power is really good.I wasn’t even using Damocles then.

Siren in defense only good if you have the War blessings. Siren however in offense are insane and very powerful. For a lower player they must focus to level her the must higher possible fast. Siren will help you deal with all Monster islands and unlock them all. So if a player by example are level 20-30 or 60 and have already Siren at level 12 or 13. You will destroy all

Siren are good against the majority of defense towers, deal massive damage to Minotaur and Castle Gate

If you play Ariadne you can use Siren Power this will allow you to beat strong base

Siren is in my top 3 units with Medusa and Trebuchet until ascension level 90. After its Griffin and Pheonix

If many don’t have focus on her. You must start right now. So in a Odyssey if you get Siren Attack or Siren Health take it. worth it

For level 100+ she can be deadly if you have max her with over 5% enhance in both Attack and Health.

Remember to use defense mode when you are close of Lapedos tower or you will lose all your siren. Its only the key to keep huge army of siren

If you are between level 10 and 90 I recommend very highly to start to use her. when you use this unit by example with Perseus with 3 units and 4 power you destroy a base in a short time. Reach the gate with 1 minutes 45 seconds or more

Alternately, none of this is true. Sirens don’t have enough health and don’t do nearly enough damage to be useful. They do like 700 damage at max level. They’re worthless to buff in the odyssey. A 5% offensive buff is 35 damage. At max level. 35 damage. 

I repeat, 35 damage. 

Dont buff your sirens, kids. 

its your opinion. Fine you don’t like Sirens. But The fact is Siren are insane and dangerous whatever you think. If you don’t believe me then just watch my Youtube Channel. Its my pleasure to prove you have wrong about Sirens. I have use them since October 2016 I continue to use them until this game die for good

It depends on the level. Depending on your playstyle, the siren (as units) can be nice at lower level. When you get to the 100ish they’re not that great. Only combined to war blessing and Charon towers with war blessing they can be a bit annoying. I still wouldn’t prioritize their use/upgrade for mid/long term gameplay. 


Siren as power though is not bad. The charming effect is a sweet addition and the damage can be good against nyx/statues. There is easier to use for similar efficiency, but it remains a good power. 

@Warriornatorwhich is your ingame name ? because if you play since 2016 warriornator 2 that is 60 level can t be your account …


It takes 3 shots of siren to break a nyx. It doesn’t do enough damage.

I think he deleted IGN Warriornator:

and then he started IGN Warriornator 2 in March this year:


Don t know , but if a 60 level player that is in a bottom 2000 team , with only half of heroes unlocked maybe he should listen what a player like dumpster says about sirens IMHO . 

And if he had an another account in the past he should know that sirens after being buffed , they were nerfed .

And even buffed were not the best choice in offense

I am glad to repeat what I have say in other topic maybe oyu have miss it. I have start in in October 2016 and play until January 2018. My account I up until Ascension 105. My stuffs was max. I find it boring to continue. I have stop but i have deleted my Youtube Channel i was not happy of the content. I don’t have show all. So in March 2018 I have restarts. So what you see a level 60 is create in only 3 month. Not bad I think. All my stuffs already level 12-13

PS : in search type Warriornator. You can still see my old profile inactives. Just Flare have keep it for I don’t know what reason when i have ask to restart my game

I guess like movies and video games we have all different taste and opinions about each stuffs. Sirens is my best units for me. So if no one like them. I do