How hard is Gorgon Reef??

I just unlocked Gorgon Reef today and was wondering whats the difficulty like? My Perseus is currently level 6 with generally green gear, have level 2 warrior and siren. Will it be too hard for me?

Hey, the Gorgon Reef should be quite challenging for you. Try attacking the island with the lowest level first and see if you can beat it. If not you might have better chances as soon as your Perseus is level 8 because he can then equip an additional Power :grinning:

Thanks! Just tried it with 7 perseus and alliance buffed warriors. Got my butt kicked. :slightly_frowning_face:  

I’m on this deal too. 


I think that we should wait for the trebuchet unit to destroy safely the too many towers of the Gorgon, and at this time Perseus will be at 8 level :slight_smile:

I used to this Gorgon Reef was hard but I beat it like nothing this morning. I did it with Perseus at lvl 11 but could have done it earlier. As long as Perseus gets his other skill it’s a cake walk :slight_smile:  use the defense skill and trebuchet for those towers 

I just beat the jellyfish with Perseus at level 10 :slight_smile:

Only the last battle was very hard and I has to spend  3 gems for extra power .


Very cool event :grinning:


Jellyfish!? Haha I must have missed it?

I beat the first island with lvl 7 Perseus, then the rest with lvl 8! Once you get the 3rd power it’s soo easy!!