How i can rid of this? Please help me

How i can get rid of this message? My kid play on PC and when i login in game i receive this ???

you will not get rid, you have two accounts linked with fb. I sent a ticket, too, support from this - the answer ‘sorry but we can not help’

What device are you playing on? Are you both playing on the same device?

I’m on Win 10 PC. I’ve had to uninstall / reinstall RR2 a couple times.

When I first connect to RR2 afterwards I can login with my FB acct and it restores my game to where it was before I uninstalled.

Not sure if that would give you your most recent save, because it could be saving to either acct or neither.

But the longer you wait the longer and more out of date your restore might be…

But at least then you would be connected with only 1 FB acct.