How I would fix trophies

  1. You can only gain trophies unless. See#2

  2. If you are offline for more then 8 hours, then each successful raid would take x trophies.

  3. As you are off line your trophies won from def is stored, and if your base is attacked and defeated you lose trophies from your stored amount.  Most u can lose is what u have stored. Unless your offline for more then 8 hours.  This will encourage people to check and collect there stored medals by logging on. Once u log in you would collect your stored trophies.

  4. Higher lvls get more trophies for a win. Say your lvl 30 attacking lvl 40, you gain 10 medals. Say your lvl 70 attacking lvl 80 you gain 20 medals. Thus people have reason to lvl. Also if ur higher lvl you get bonus trophies for defending. If u defended vs lvl 30 u get 10, lvl 40 u get 13, lvl 50 you get 18… ect… 

  5. You don’t lose trophies from being defeted. 

  6. You don’t lose trophies from being raided. 

  7. You don’t gain trophies from almost winning

All numbers here are made up just to show the bonuses system and how it would work. Thus people control how fast they gain. And people won’t lose trophies due to something they can’t control. People will be able to try and attack bases they usually would not. 

This is just an ideal maybe something to build on. 


Crabz out

I belive that trophies reward or loss should have a fixed number, related to players ascension level, not trophies acumulated by each. 

Each  Win/loss gives you +5/-5 trophies to the attacker, and the same to the defender.

If the defender has more lvl than you, you get a small plus (+2), but the defender doesnt loose any extra. This way you encourage raids. 

And to get trophies you need to get break the base… 2 keys give you 0, but +2 to the defender… 1 key or retreat gives you -5 and +5 to the defender…

just a thought… ? 

Easiest thing would be to open the leaderboard for direct attacks on enemies like in Royal Revolt. Then you could search for a beatable opponent on your own. All below your rank should not give you trophies but cost you some to avoid raiding always weaker enemies. If you then decide to attack a weaker enemy he should get trophies instead of you making him stronger (well, and you will still get the gold and the treasure-chests).


The islands should only be defended by NPC and not any real-player. You could then decide, to go for gold/trophies using the leaderboard or resources by fighting NPC-islands.


Thats my suggestion.

I quit RR2 early once I saw where it was going in terms of greed within the developer (I really believe there are some truly, truly awesome people at FG [some of them even come here to post and help in the forums!], but still others that would happily sell the future of the company for a few extra dollars today.)

I want OR to be as little like RR2 as logically possible. OR deserves more than that.

On topic, I was not around for the “trophy skimming”; I can’t remember what people called it, actually. I think FG might have intentionally prevented the addition of that system (raid selection) in order to prevent people from creating dummy accounts to manipulate the leaderboard with targeted raiding.

It is quite humorous actually; people will often spend more time contemplating how to circumvent well-intentioned rules inefficiently than playing by them efficiently. I suppose it can’t be helped, people will be people more or less. 

I support n4 - with each level, the trophy reward should raise. High levelers are at a huge disadvantage as the system stands now.

However, not losing trophies the way you suggest - n5,6,7 - is a complete bs. 

First of all, not losing T for unsuccessful raid will lead to mindless attacks of all players. Defense will be basically “i might get through and if not, there’s another 50 attempts”. 

Second, this completely deletes the abilities among players. Those who are good in att/def will climb up and paralerly down. No one should have a “safe zone” of 8hrs. Moreover, that puts new players in the worst possible train. 

50 attempts would boost the person they are attacking 49 times. So attacking non stop and loseing would boost the people around u.  And the cost…

I would “fix” trophies by not having them as the primary value on the ranking list. It should be a combination of ascension level and trophies with ascension being the primary factor.

@Davejr1200 the only downside is then you might have inactive people on the top or people that have quit game… and thats no fun.

I’m not saying don’t use trophies too, just don’t make them the primary stat so people aren’t encouraged not to level and to cheat/exploit in order to gain trophies. Trophies are actually meaningless at the moment except as an indication of who the exploiters were. It also isn’t that difficult to factor in inactivity to the equation. Unless ascension level is made the primary stat, you really aren’t encouraging people to level.

Of course another alternative would be to simply limit the size of your trophy cabinet based on ascension level.

I really think bonuses trophies based on lvl would help.   If u get extra trophies for leveling up . People would try to level up more. I also think this would make the leader board more of a lvl based with trophies.

Don’t you feel like gaining is way easier than losing with this system? It’s heavily unbalanced.

Yes but if everyone is gaining and only people loseing is inactives.  If trophies stay at 3-7 a win like now. It’s a slow steady pace for people to grow. And growing would not mean loseing medals, just gaining. Maybe there should be other ways to lose trophies, but in a way that does not depend on luck…

That first part simply isn’t true. I’ve lost over a 500 trophies due to exploiters and the islands I have to take are mostly for 1 trophy. At present if I take them then lose them again it’s always at a net trophy loss. I don’t have the gems available to use invocations to take the few higher trophy, and fully buffed, islands of the exploiters as I am not prepared to buy more gems until other fixes are put in place.

Dave u are confused, iam talking about my first post up top Not the new update.

I think it should be a mixture of trophies awarded for Ascension Lv (actually it would be more accurate to add up just the follower points from the towers plus the upgrades at the Guard of Thanatos and War Academy, since none of the other buildings are relevant to the difficulty of taking down an opponent), plus Trophy Lv, plus blessings. If you can take down someone with 6 blessings active, you deserve mad points. A more thoughtful formula would make the game more interesting and open up different paths to rising in the ranks. You could be a jerk and farm lower level players at high volume (not currently possible with the slow spawning rate), you could be a David and take down Goliath (hopefully not ONLY using gems), or you could take a middle path, all of which should be viable. As it is, all the higher players do is look for a lapse in blessings because it’s not profitable to attack someone with a lot of blessings.

you should gain like 30 trophys for a 3 key win. 3-5 for 2 keys. 0 for 1 key. -15 for a complete fail. That would stop trophy farming of one player that they have no intention or luck of taking the island. It simply wouldn’t be worth it to repeatedly attack someone. 30 trophys because they are all higher lvl than you and capable of taking your island. You should be able to gain 100 trophys per day at least if you play well. 

I think the idea of only going by how many trophys a player has is how many you get is flawed. If a player has a crap defense then they deserve to lose. Assession lvl is the best way to go by how strong their defense Could be and therefore a lvl 40 winning a lvl 50+ should always get a high reward. ( way more than 3)

I agree as you lvl higher and beat higher opponents the amount you get should increase marginally as well. 

There should also be a bonus trophy gain per buff for defense, and perhaps penalty per buff used on offense (warrior)

It makes sense to gain more trophys if the island is more valuable also. - in other words If you take a low res island from a big player that should not necessarily be considered a big win.

there should be more players spawning in that are more manageable. An even playing field.

Lastly the more time you put into the game the more you win. You should never be losing more than you gain if you play daily. There would only be players who gain faster than others cause they play more often… 

And if you don’t play for a week, you’ve lost a lot of trophys but you can’t lose many more because you lost all your islands.

i think currently people with many islands under control are losing the most. Too much yes but the fact remains you control  many islands and that shows up on other peoples map.

its questionable whether right now it’s best to only occupy as many islands as you have heros to reduce the amount of attacks you are taking. By the same token what are you really gaining by controlling all those islands? Not much since res output is so low on undefended islands.

A pot system, maybe. At least for offense:

In offense, a player has a time window of a certain length which opens when he or she first attacks an island. Any trophies lost during that time don’t actually go to the opponent; they go into a pot. Every time within the time window the player loses to that island and loses trophies, the trophies (while still deducted from the player’s trophy count) go into the pot and if the player manages to defeat that island within the time time window, the player will receive again all lost trophies in addition to the reward for defeating the island. If the player cannot break the island in the given time window, all trophies in the pot immediately go to the defending base. I will think this through a little more later, though.

An aside, I think Ascension level should have some bearing on island resource production. The first six islands are worthless later in the game, and I hate when high trophy reward attackers populate them. Really, I think the first six islands at least should get some sort of buff to resource production early on to help new players. One of the primary complaints on the AppStore is that ambrosia is to hard to collect. Why is this so when three of six are… drumroll… ambrosia islands and Prometheus appears rather early on for a second hero bonus.

The daily chests typically give a ton of ambrosia, I think many players are not aware of that helpful detail. 

As dominance increases (admitedly, quite slow for non-paying players) other islands open up and depending on my needs (typically wisdom or ambrosia) I’ll park heroes accordingly. Dominance also opens up other heroes. 

A couple “tricks” for ambrosia is using gold to buy Epic resource chests, which also has change of some gems and dominance. 

Hopefully that helps, at least a bit. I totally agree the local temple and starting islands alone do not give much ambrosia. 


Some good ideas here from players.