How is Conquest score calculated, exactly.

Towers, territory,  fights, oh my?

What counts for what?

Building towers conquer the territory they cover,
conquering territory gives you the points those covered tiles are worth 
Then just add the values from all tiles covered by your alliance color, that’s how the conquest score is calculated

you get 0 points for Mountain and Water, +15 for Special Tiles (mines, library…) and +1 for all the rest
you can check it by clicking on a tile and then on the “i” button


Yep, you gotta build watchtowers to gain points. The more tiles you get the more points, and as Darkerion pointed out, when you find a special tile you get +15 points! 

I appreciate both of your responses,  but I don’t think that is accurate.  I cannot quote the faq at the moment but there was definitely an element of defeating your enemy in battle.

I’d like an answer from flare on this as we had more points than watchtowers + special tiles.


My alliance had tons of wars during this Conquest and our score is still matching the tiles points perfectly. Maybe you just missed the count, did you double check it?
You are probably talking about this part:

But notice some important points: 

Conquest SCORE is acquired by claiming Alliance Territory (map tiles) on the Conquest Map.

Conquest VICTORY can be achieved by:

  • Claiming Alliance Territory by building and upgrading Watchtowers
  • Fighting Wars to defend own and destroy hostile Watchtowers
  • Fighting Wars to prevent hostile Alliances movement
  • Coordinating the movement of Alliance members and placement of Watchtowers to secure tactical advantages

^ these things will bring you the victory.
Claiming territory will bring you the score.

And, if you are pacifist, then just ignore fighting and only build towers - and cooperate with the other allies on your map. No sleepless nights, all Boosts.