How is cost of stone/wisdom determined?

In this conquest my alliance struggled to get enough resources to do research and build watchtowers. The amount of stone and wisdom needed was way too high. 

I have seen that the amount of stone needed to build/upgrade towers can be very different for alliances and it seems to be the same with wisdom cost for research. 


Some think that the levels of stronghold buildings determines the cost, the higher level builders quarters and stone depot brings up the amount of stone needed to build watchtowers. 


Others say it is the tier you are in that determines how much stone you need to build/upgrade watchtowers. 


So I am wondering, is it the tier or is it stronghold building levels that determine amount of stone/wisdom needed to build/research in conquest? 

The price of tower based on tier you are in. I don’t know about the research cost. Both of them should based on level of alliance stronghold headquarters or alliance levels because each alliance has different capability to upgrade things. Most alliance stopped upgrading their stronghold buildings up to the limit of their alliance gold that capped by it’s level. If the price based on alliance levels, that will give chance for every alliance to compete in every tiers they want without have problem with the cost they need in that tier.

Here the example big difficulty of alliance level 31 to upgrade their strongholds to level 5. (Note: I knew the gold still adding up even though it’s full but yeah, you know what I mean right?)


Are you saying that a level 31 or lower alliance is capped on how much gold they can save?   Meaning they can not save enough gold to upgrade their alliance HQ in the example shown?  

No, every alliance don’t have that capped thing. When alliance gold storage full, it still adding up when there’s additional donations. The problem is their capability to save that amount of gold is very difficult. There’s some reasons why they still at their own alliance level such as members, daily donation, their spending of daily elite boost, etc. There’s probability that the alliance levels will go up before they can save that gold too by mistake of some generals (difficult to ensure the project). If you see the example that I post, the cost of alliance HQ level 5 is twice of those alliance level 31 storage can contain (before have requirements to went up to level 32).

Understood.  I am in a level 19 alliance and we are trying to save.  If we stop spending we could have it.  



Good luck! ?