How is skull bonus distributed??

If I lose on the first day and win on the remaining days. Will our team’s loser skull bonus will keep on increasing or not?? @oPelle


When you declare war pretty fast and be the first, you see that first losing team gets 1% extra bonus. It’s a little more difficult to explain, since loser bonus also depends on fiefdom difference and so on.

Let’s keep it the easy way to explain. Say two days of war have been played and you lost the first war. To keep it more simple, you fight only one war per day. On day 3 you declare war. The system checks how many wars have been finished and all skulls from loser is 100% total. So say 10 wars have been finished and you scored 5% of the loser bonus 100% represents then 10 wars (every war counts for 1% bonus). Since your team scored 5% of 100% you get 0.5% bonus. If you scored 20% however, you get 20% of 10% = 2% extra bonus.

That’s the reason why you should not give up, try to score as much skulls as possible. If you lose, you get a higher loser bonus. Some teams give up, but in fact players not helping hurt their team.

Thanks @Dena4 for your answer. Though your answer was not straight however I feel I have got my answer ?..

I’m writing my understanding of your answer taking my query as example…plz correct me if I’m wrong.  


Say we lost battle on the first day and scored 10% of total lost war scores and got 1% as loser bonus. Now even if we keep on winning on next days we will still be getting very small portion of loser bonus ( as with increase in loser bonus skull pool our lb will also increase because we will still have some share in loser scores ). i. e., our lb on second day = 1.4%, third day = 1.6% , fourth day = 1.7% …

Yes, it’s possible that your loser bonus increases even if you don’t lose. Having said that, it only matters for wars declared by or against your team. At the moment of declaring a war, the loser bonus of both teams for that particular war is calculated. 

They calculate total skulls of all lost wars and verify what percentage you will get. Every war adds one percent to the pool (like I said, it can be more difficult, depending on fiefdoms total of each team) . So if you score pretty high and lose and the other losing teams score much lower skulls, your loser bonus can increase next time a war is declared against or by your team.

So that’s why doing your best instead of giving up can help you during the rest of the season. 

A small tip, declare first war really fast, try to be the first one. If you lose the first fight, you benefit from 1% loser bonus and if you declare war against another team that team won’t have a loser bonus, since their wars are still in progress. And if you win the first war, the opponent will just have 1% extra. So if you clearly beat them, don’t hesitate to beat them again.

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