How is the weekly event cycle arranged ?

Now how is the weekly event cycle arranged ? Now that the previous rules have changed, especially in the two weeks, We just keep waiting for the whole weekend and don’t know how to make arrangements for the worker and forge .



blacksmith activity had to be done

We waited 10 days instead of 7 days only for the last weekly event (i.e. 1 week ago)!

I don’t want to waste upgrades, gold, gems, pearls, pal food, vouchers, forgings, food and money.

Game has so many things “broken” now, as admitted by developers, and the ONE thing which is within their control, which is to tell players what’s the schedule for events is also withheld.


Hmmmm… why? It’s like you guys just love attracting bad PR to yourself.

No event started last Friday, and no event this Monday or Tuesday either. Are you guys going to just ignore us? Is it so hard to just confirm that there is no event?



a schedule would be nice. do not have to disclose the event by name, but a proper date and time every week would be a decent standard.

announce every thursday.

starts every friday.

some events 1 day, others 2 or 3. generate randomly day amount or assign specific event length to specific events

random cycle of events with no 2 weeks the same, unless community event or advisors choice forces this to happen


I’d have events announced sooner (especially when there is no event). Ideally, there’d be a monthly page somewhere that states what event is when.

Any event this week? (such as Blacksmith) Or like, as usual, we are going to be ignored again =p

Wooo BS event! Great!!!

The previous one was only 4 weeks ago and I forged my items with skull gear on the last Wednesday (i.e. 2 days ago).