How is this possible?

Doesn’t 100%, by definition, mean you destroyed everything and got 3 crowns?

Is this yet another way people have found to exploit the ranking system to trick the game into thinking they are weak? It was from another high level king with high level towers, so I have to assume yes…


Recently, I have noticed I will clear a base (I ensure I take down everything before I move to the next) and not get three crowns. This might the same situation but reversed.

eh… rounding? 

  • Always remember to destroy Spike Traps. Those pesky little things are ignored by most units.

  • Always be sure that your king touches the gate. If you stand just outside the Castle Square, it doesn’t count

  • Towers next to the gate. Most units ignore them.

  • Firebolts in corners, most units ignore them.

I tried this a bunch of different ways. The absolute highest I could get without letting my king into the square in front of the gate was 91%.

All of those other suggestions would obviously get you less than 100% (if you miss a tower/obstacle).