How is XP to level up calculated?



I am wondering how is the XP to level up calculated? like now I did a raid and I earned around 60,000 XP but how can I know ahead of time the XP I will earn? I mean if I wanna level up faster how can I know which player will give me more XP if I raid him/her?



I’ve been wanting to figure this out for a long time, but haven’t had the food to test it v_v

Here’s how you test it:

  1. Flothaboss has already proven that time isn’t an issue, so don’t worry.

  2. Attack an open base. This gives you the EXP of the Castle Gate.

  3. Attack open base + 1 object. Then subtract to Castle Gate EXP from that, and you have the EXP of that object.

  4. Test with multiple objects to see if each object truly has a set value. It may be one of those things wherein value^(1/2) = EXP -_-

  5. May vary with king level

  1. Post results! :wink:

Also, once I get up there, would you be interested in an EXP swap? (: It’s easy to semi-open one’s base for experience farming. Have it to where all barricades are in the 2nd lane, all Firebolt on the first stretch, all Snake tower on the 2nd stretch (so that cannons can wreck them), and all Skull on the final stretch (since they can hardly hurt the king). Easy, scroll-free, and same experience as a maxed base! :wink:

600k experience?! 0_0

60K I meant :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw a video on youtube that says opponent’s total defense power is the only thing that matters. so if you are beating strong people, you lvl fast. and unlike gold, getting into the base give you a lot, like two 20% raid = one 100% raid. Never tested it out though…

Numbers and formulas are confusing things. (I hate Math.) You can gain more XP in the dungeon (the latter caves) and by raiding bases stronger than you. If you play more often like everyday, you can level up your king like one level per week.


If I am raiding everyday I can usually do a level a week.

Honestly my level is rising to quickly so i had to take a break.


Edit: What i mean is my level is rising faster than my bases strength.

Isa, my friend leveling up is the enemy.


The small leadership and HP bump is almost nothing.

At your size you wont even notice the difference.

What you WILL notice, however, Is an Increased cost of food to raid and higher skull value. making you less valuable to your Alliance.


Why you wanna level up, man? da pool cold?

The higher the level, the better the gear you’re offered. Flare may not punish high level kings forever.