How long before account is deactivated/deleted?

Couldn’t find a FAQ on this. How long does it take before my account goes inactive and then deleted?

Good point. I think accounts will become inactive after a week. I will check up on this and maybe add it to the FAQ.

Thanks Jona. Was looking to take a little break, but didn’t want my account getting deleted due to inactivity.


Would also be good to know if deleted accounts due to inactivity can be restored via Support.

Pretty sure you can just start playing again on an inactive account and it will just come back without anything special.  I don’t know if an account is ever eventually completely purged, but if so it is much longer than a week.


That is correct. Accounts don’t get deleted permanently… Unless you use cheats. :wink:

Lol :ph34r:


Good to know. Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

I have been inactive on Royal Revolt 2 since 3 weeks. Has my account been deleted? Please help. 

No, your account is not deleted. It will never be deleted. Simply become inactive if not used for long.

Thank you very much. I’m no longer worried.

hi everyone, how do i deactivate my game account? i don’t want to use the game anymore.

You can’t delete the account because is supported by Flaregames’ servers. Your account will remain only inactive and you will be able to play again whenever you want. You can always delete the data from your smarthphone or your pc ( i don’t know on what platform you play).