How long can cheaters stay alive?

Hello guys in Flaregames,


How long can cheaters hack the game?

I have just found this siteand the FB page as well - 2’600 likes!

In this site it is clear that they refreshed the code in this October!

I have paid a lot but seems useless against cheaters who can get unlimited resources.


I hope you can ban at least all those who liked the FB page.

Go guys!



Yeah ban the cheaters!!!

These codes DONOT work, and are basically applications to steal your information. As far as I know’ FG is almost having a foolproof mechanism at server side. But then I could be wrong.

Its a scam.Some players already tricked.But to answer your question, cheaters can last VERY long in this game lmao, about 28 months, the biggest cheater.

OK Fii Nami, I am not an IT expert, only a simple end-user and I have never ever tried to cheat in any game.

That is why I asked Flare whether they know about this or not (they should try that with a dummy account).

It was only an attention.

for as long as they can stay low profile and resist the temptation of becoming famous top players…

Regarding this, it has already been requested to close them.

For Facebook it takes long time to process as FB takes its time to review the requests and we cannot interfere with this.

Also people who liked the FB page used their FB name, which are not available in the game unless they linked their game account to their FB account.