How long do I have to wait to see the free extra chest button re-enabled

I watch an Add and get the free extra chest, Now how long will it take to re-enable (I mean watch Add again and get another chest).

My Bluestack takes forever like 6hrs or so… But my friends account who had created account in Android and still playing in Android gets it re-enabled in 2-2.5 Hrs.

Should’nt it be same???

You are a bit greedy. Aren’t you…

I am windows phone player and we don’t have free chest for video.

on iOS, I got one every 5-6h I d say…

Whats Greedy in asking Question? I don’t understand your philosophy…

FYI I am a WINDOWS PHONE Player  as well… :rolleyes:

Also I would like to quote “Its not greedy if you have an option and use it” (So I use Bluestack to get some magic chests, you are welcome to do the same.)

Thanks, figured it would be 6Hrs for iOS, thanks for the confirmation…

I use IOS, android and bluestacks and claim triple :slight_smile:

About every 3 hours for me (Bluestacks).

3h for me… I can get 7 legendary free chest/day


I just wish and whenever I logged in, there is a free chest. Anyway kidding aside, playing thru my iPad, around 3-4 hours. Sometimes when my taverns are full, there is also a free chest to grab. :wink:

This time varies, according to the zone where you live, in the last week, I could get a chest at most once per day… No way I could enable the boosts on my taverns and farms. To be honest, a week Ago I’ve got 10 chests in a day, so just wait for the offers to appear!

I m on Android but still not getting them! Flare told me to contact fyber for this! Too much effort!!?