How long have you been playing the game? / Introduction thread?

Hi guys,

I wanna get to know you a bit better :slight_smile:

I am wondering how long have you been playing the game already and maybe what your favorite hobbies are or anything else that is interesting that you want to share :slight_smile: ? (Please do not share any personal information here such as your birthday or address or things like that).

I guess I will start. I am playing the game now since August :slight_smile:

Besides that amongst other things, I am a dog person ? , and like to play games (surprise :wink:

And youuuuu???


This game’s released on Feb 2014. I started playing since April 2014.
I’m also a dog person ?
Hobby: none… may be: sleep ??


Wow, that’s a long time! Nice to hear you are still going strong! ? And yes…sleep…sleep is awesome. :heart:


I’ve been playing since January of 2017, most of you know that I’ve missed 6 months of gameplay, though, after my laptop’s harddrive broke down…TWICE! lol. You could say I’ve had a rough career haha.

Hobbies? Well, I really like playing Basketball (High School Champs in the summer!), and I think I’m pretty good at football…American Football, not soccer lol

For those of you who know something about American football, I played on Thanksgiving and as a Quarterback went 6/7 for 120 yards and a touchdown. I had a 10 yard rushing touchdown (also as Quarterback) and as a wide receiver caught 3 passes for 80 yards and 2 touchdowns!!

My favorite time period to read in is the Ancient Greek and Roman times and Medieval Times. Those are the funnest (and funniest, if you’ve ever read some Greek Comedy’s lol) to read about imho

I started with Royal Revolt Part 1 in the spring of 2014, a short time later Royal Revolt 2 was released for Windows Phone.

It is a lot better as part 1, since this time I’m playing it. (With breaks) I’m currently playing it on Android and on PC with Windows 10.

I like videogames as a hobby, i started with games at the age of 16 …now i’m 39 ?

I tried a lot of mmorpg like wow or silkroad-online

I also love my ?and ?riding in summertime & i lay on beaches at the summer-holidays ?️


Glad you are still around! I also like to watch documentation about Ancient Greek, and the Roman empire. :slight_smile:

i belief it starts with the pocketgame Tennis after the german change in the early 90s … then Gameboy, Atari, Amiga and PC 

i can’t quote myself ^^

i say: i will visit so much historical places and sights as i can

… like this pics of real star wars villiage in the desert …  ?

I started playing around March 2016, and then my husband joined not long after i did. We later started an alliance. We like the ninja, zombie, yeti events, and some real awesome people we have met from all over the world. 

Besides being a gamer family. We love dogs and cats. But right now, we only have our 1 kitty. Besides sleep, we like camping, anything on the water, sightseeing, and the casinos. :slight_smile:

Hi Madlen, Our kitty was a rescue who was already named Wendy, so we kept her name the same. She will be 9 years old this year. She has a bit of anxiety and clings to us, but as an animal advocate, I tend to be attracted to the needy furbabies.  :slight_smile: