How long have you been playing the game? / Introduction thread?

Hi guys,

I wanna get to know you a bit better I know the answer to these questions from some already, but I thought it would be nice to start this thread.

I am wondering how long have you been playing the game already and maybe what your favorite hobbies are or anything else that is interesting that you want to share :slight_smile: ? (Please do not share any personal information here such as your birthday or address or things like that).

I guess I will start. I am playing the game now since August and so far I enjoy upgrading my Olympus the most (yes, I like to make things look pretty lol). I am looking forward to getting Artemis because I enjoy badass female characters in games.

Besides that amongst other things, I am a dog person ? , and like to play games (surprise :wink: ) and reading (just finished the 2 books out of three of the Trisolaris books sooo goood!).

And youuuu?

Two and a half years, with a 6 months break in between…

Cool, quite some time already :slight_smile:

Playing just over a year (Oct '17) , enjoy travelling. Will be travelling again next year :grinning:  

Back to the UK (very exotic) >>>> from Brazil.  :slight_smile:  

I started playing olympus rising in August 2017. :slight_smile:

I liked or as it reminds me a lot of age of Mythology and other stragetic games I played in childhood.

Currently playing assassin’s creed odyssey again based on cool greek mythology (Nowdays not getting time for olympus rising)???


I play at Olimpus rising from the beginning. It involved me a lot more when I no longer felt in love with Royal Revolt II. I live in Sicily and breath the charm of the Greek and Roman mythology. I am a descendant of those peoples and myths that I carry in my blood. My land is the most beautiful in the world and everyone knows it !!! Log life at Olimpus rising, its producers and developers and all the players!

Hear! Hear!

I think I started playing in June or maybe July of 2016. I wasn’t in the first group of players. Elite crew, red squadron, and worlds end were at the top, and Ancient Forces was right there too. 

Cool, over 2 years already! Awesome that you are still around! :slight_smile:

Will be two years in middle january. And managed to have all maxed out (before this last update) by september this year I believe, so about 21 months

hey there, i’m from austria. i love my family and in free time i do like archery and a bit too much of playing OR (the new iOS tells me now every week a summery of the time i spent… outch ?).
i play OR since it was introduced in the app-store as a new game. i guess this was now about ~2.5 years ago(?).

I honestly don’t remember a bit so I asked a member of my alliance and he told me that he didn’t know either ?.

Asd;-)    -   Hey Madlen, this is my ign, please let me know if you find out ?.

I installed OR on 17 november 2016

I play heavily since february 2017

I installed game because i searched playstore for tower defense game. OR was one of the results. I am a great fun of TD games btw. Most probably finished all others. 

So thats why FG must create a TD game with great towers and creatures of OR. I would be the first person who install it.

And honestly i will not play this type game anymore in future. Because OR the high end ?

Btw, I am Associate Professor of Pathology. 

I am a huge fan of watching movies. Not only Hollywood ones, and also Indian, Korean, Spain and Chineese movies. 

And also i love to travel the world. 

I live in Antalya (360 days sunny, sea season somewhat 8 months, great city having Greek, Roman, Bysantium, and Ottoman footprints) 

Haha I have the same problem with my on-screen time. It’s too damn high!


And oh you are from Austria? High five neighbor!



September 16 :grinning:

Hi there ?

Cool! Glad you are with us that long already :slight_smile: