How long have you been playing the game? / Introduction thread?

Since February I have been playing this game before this game I played clash of clans,clash Royal,grow castle,angry birds 2,grow empire,…

And now I’m just playing this game And I hope I don’t get tired of this game soon,

Thank you for this fabulous game❤

Thanks Madlen, September 16 is just a few days before my birthday so I guess maybe OR was my present ?, but you forgot to mention the year ?.

Madlen responds with “2025” as the OR forums turn into a horror movie.

I forgot when I installed it but i think I’ve played it everyday since i got it. Some days more extensively than others. Maybe you madlen can tell me. Hobbies include playing guitar, piano, drums (Big music lover) Video Games, Coding and Dying in the gym :slight_smile:

The game was originally released in May 2016. You joined the forum in December 2016, therefore you started playing in September 2016.

16 was the year, not the day :grinning:


I got the game a week or so after its release I think, purely by accident.

Its the only game I’ve ever stuck with!

Same here. It’s the only mobile game I’ve ever played for more than a week or so, and the only one I’ve ever spent money on.

Started one month ago ?

Oh a newbie like me! Hello! ?

Hey there, I am MrCouPer, i play this game two years, the date is if i am not mistake august 2016, i like this game because have greek things, and is strategy game, but the game need new contect now, about like with one real event in the game( online)

Started in October 2016 with my account Warriornator and I reach Ascension 105 but because i have deleted my youtube Channel and because of personal problem here. I have stop playing during few months. After a while… someone convince me to restart so April 2018 I have restart a new account and now I am Ascension 86. 

So in a way i can say I play since 2 years now and will continue

I started roughly by the end of 2016. Mostly it’d be December 16 & it was by pure accident… Was searching for something else and OR came up… Never ever looked back since then… Nothings comes close to this. Also I am a Big fan of AOM, AOE 2 & Greek Mythology. :heart:  Currently the other games I play are Darksiders III and Condition Zero(Shooter) on PC.

@Madlen My kind request, please don’t let OR die for any reasons… there are so many hard core fans…

Now that you’ve discovered how to move/rotate buildings, :grinning:

Good days bad days, I’ve been playing for 783  consecutive  days since I started (neved missed a single day).

Days calculator:;d1=20amp;y1=2016amp;m2=12amp;d2=11amp;y2=2018amp;ti=on

I’m a veteran player but still a War virgin.  :wink:


We can free up a space at Boom for the next war, we could use a warrior at the sharp end!! 

I joined the forums June 2016, but that wasn’t my start point. I think I was here the first month the game launched. March/April? Can’t remember, but I do know it was before I changed jobs, and I could not play so much.

So more than 2,5 years for sure ? And never missed a day, even when travelling at least once a day… that’s not surprising…


A little bit of history…

The game was released worldwide for Android and iOS on May 5th 2016.

The Windows version came out on October 18th 2016.

I thought lucky players on iOS were originally the first to play in April 2016.

@Archimides believe it was as early as March 2016.

But then I found this old vid from December 2015!

Hercules didn’t use Scylla but he could cast Fist of Power and Hydra without Invo! 

It’s defo good to have you here ?