How long is it gonna be before we get a full PL setup?

This is about the 10th straight PL that has not had 3 troops and 3 spells in the same setup. I hate this, cause it messes up my whole attacking strategy. I always mis-click when I’m trying to spawn a troop or spell

So less options makes it harder for you ?

I actually like it this way, I think it makes it more interesting and harder too.

I too prefer 2 troops than 3 in PL.

They are making up different scenarios that’s all :slight_smile: and I like it.

they can even put just hero if they want, that doesn’t change anything because all will raid with just the hero, i don’t see the problem. Rather it’s just an alternative way of raiding.

I would like to see insta unit which can really help in time of need.