How long to fix only ONE arblasters bug????????

Flare pl wake up!

They don’t care, it’s apparent.  If they cared, they would have delayed the update and addressed the bug and update at the same time.  Flare released a ton of changes and only a single bug fix, that should tell you something.  A company that doesn’t care about its player base shouldn’t get any more money from you.  Hit them in their wallets.

Probably it is time to ask ourselfs, is it anymore worth it to play this game? They don’t care about the players. Lot of bugs. Each update will kill your wallet. What is the point of supporting them when they don’t listen to players issues.

They have nothing to do with pure gameplay.even if you look closer to new updates,you will find those updates are new ways of making more money.its time for the players to play this game without spending a single penny.they must realize we have thousands of game to play but they have only one game to make money.

dont spam ??? on the title  <_<

To be honest, I prefer ridiculously OP and super buffed up elite boosts updates than Rito’s League of Nerfs style updates  :mellow:

This bug is so stupied, if u got arblasters on other side of chock u cant kill them with swordrain or bliz…

Waist of food on easy base that just put arblasters, wake up and fix it now!!!

somehow ironic spartecus that one

i had some great raids,and boom i fail and lost 47 throupy just becouse i cant kill with any of my spell those arblasters, its not fair, AND I WONT USE SCRULLS! just becouse flare have bug ‘‘or not’’?

I do agree, SPARTECUS did die from arblasters in real life :grinning: