How long will BS event run??

Well the topic says all… 

Will it run till 31st Dec ??

Only till 29th December :grinning:

Any official place this is boosted?


Edit: just noticed tara confirmed it in other thread 

Not official no, just between the lines of another post

Due to flares outstanding ability to announce events too late, I would expect them to prolong this event till 31st.

Melting down high pearl value items takes a lot of time (even with boosted blackie workshop) and one day is certainly not enough for this type of event.

??? lets make it permanent. I think everyone agree, its hard to get enough pearls without this(

It will not help the sheep to unanimously decide in favor of vegetarianism, as long as the wolf holds a different opinion.

But the wolf-Flares can easily extend this by 2 days.

Too hard for my english skills??


Event ended

Не поможет овцам если единогласно примут решение в пользу вегетарианства, пока волк придерживается иного мнения.

A double screw up on the event 1) not announced before it started and 2) the end date not listed in the announcement. I was melting over 4000 pearls worth of stuff, including a pro item worth 2200 pearls and that itself  cost ≥1.5 million to melt, but ended up getting only the regular amount of pearls because of the unannounced early end date. I’m sad…so very sad. I feel like I just saw the Grinch…

I was melting things for over 1000 pearls but got 270 because it doesn’t matter what you finished melting during the event, it matters if there is a multiplier in effect WHEN YOU COLLECT THE PEARLS!!! :angry:

Honestly, flare, is your goal to be the most incompetent team in the history of software development or what?

Yes, it works the other way around as well.

“IF” they announce the event beforehand, you can start melting your most expensive items already. When the event then finally starts, you can collect those pearls with the multiplier applied.

It was not announced beforehand this time, the event started without notice and there was no official end date, then it becomes hard to plan those things…

I could hardly play yesterday, c’mon flare, you gotta have more than 1 day for an event that needs at least 3

Indeed, I had about 20 uber items that I’d been keeping for this and managed to melt a whole one…