How long will ot take to recover a lost account ?

Last week my phone have some problem and after i have it fixed i lost my current rr2 account saved on my phone . So i sumit a ticked telling detail about my problem and account information . Then i got 2 respond mail one is automatic and one is from person (i think) ask me for more information . I sent back all the information that i could remember and it have been a few days , no more mail sent back to me from FG since then , im getting worry . So i decided to come here and ask you guys this question :slightly_frowning_face:

i cannot blame them they recover mine in 2 hours depends upon the info you are providing them :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey :slight_smile:


As far as I know, they currently have a quite big amount of tickets, so yes it may take a little bit of time, esp. since they do not work during the weekend :grinning:

Yay , i got my account back exactly 15 minute after i post this i feel so good to see my king(son) after a long time .

Information provided absolutely right and gems attached invoice so that: " Hi!Unfortunately, the information you sent us does not match our database. Please make sure to submit the correct information. Otherwise, I cannot further process your request. "  :angry:   :angry:   :angry:   :angry:   :angry:   :angry:  

Bác thử nói trong khoảng nào đó xem , lỡ đứa nào dùng scroll gems nó tăng lên ấy .