How many bombs are thrown by Skull Tower ?

I thought today and also forgot to tell that everybody know or i supposed that everybody know and have noticed about different levels of Skull Towers throw different numbers of bombs and also the reload is reduced as soon as you level up it.


My question is how many bomb throw a skull tower ?

Skull tower level 1 throw 11 bombs

Skull tower level 3 throw 12 bombs (correct me if i wrong). 

Skull tower level 6 throw 15 bombs (correct me if i wrong). 

Skull tower level 8 throw 19 bombs (correct me if i wrong). 

What about other levels ? 


Can somebody do these tests ? Thanks. I need also to put in the Wikia.

If you think that time warp allow you to count each bomb that come out… well forget it because skull tower stops to throw after 2-3 seconds you activate time warp. you have to count with eyes ^^

I usually count 11 at Lv.2. I’ve also counted 12 and 13, but that seems to have been human error.

I also keep counting 13 at Lv.3, but it’s hard to tell because I was at close range so they kept criss-crossing. But is it possible that the range somehow affects the number of bombs thrown?

Well as i know the range allow only to expand the scope that is currently 5.5 for Skull Tower right, but i don’t think is linked to throw more bombs.

Hypothetical Question , Pass !!

I counted about 5 times, and I’m pretty sure lv1 is 11. 

If you are on the edge and moving, it might change, but if you are standing still, the full “combo” should get out. 

Honestly, I just tried for many minutes, but I’m literally too dumb to count :wink:

when youre raiding you dont have time to count how many because you dont wanna lose your army, #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Just test your own defense, then you can safely retreat and retry :grinning:

I strive for victory so I dont stop to count  ^_^

I’m waiting that someone have different level skull towers so i can update a bit a bit my topic  =/

level 2 =12

level 3 =12

level 4 =13

level 5 =14

level 6=15

level 8=16

level 9=17

sorry i dont have level 1 and 7


hope this helps

Thanks AsadMiqdad !  :slight_smile:

level 7 = 15

your welcome, your videos and your work on wikia have helped me and many more thanks for an awesome work Opelle

So the bomb spawn is limited?

Also when under battlecry effect, will it produce more bombs?



Thanks for bumping the topic still left some data for the bombs thrown for each level  :wink:

btw yes the bombs are limited per level, the higher is the tower, the more bombs it will fire

for the battlecry i wouldn’t be sure about the “more production of bombs” rather than for have an increased attack rate -> so a less break between a session of bombs to another.

my max. level (14) skull tower threw 5-6 bombs before resting and then it was destroyed.

A max. tower should not only be good in health but the damage caused should be better. It should throw at least 10 skulls and then rest.