How many Cups are in the Pro League?

Friday November 23rd, will be the Shaman Cup in the PRO League

I love doing them each week, I get to learn new spells and units and combinations and pets.

How many Cups are there? If there is a set number, can someone post the name of each Cup?

Also do they follow the same set order, or are they randomized?

oh. I thaught this thead was "how many cups in a pint?’

cracked this tall boy for nothin


I was on FTB’s You Tube Channel, and I found 38 videos for PRO League Cups.

and I have only done around 8 of them so I have lots to look forward to.

Now one thing I am going to say, and I am sure hundreds if not thousands of RR2 players

have already said the same thing; however…

RR2 is Free to play, and has so many activities which are part of the game.

Conquest (have to be in an Alliance)

Alliance Wars (have to be in an Alliance)

Festivals (anyone)

Events (anyone)

yet the PRO League costs money, real world money to play.

yes the game gives you a free ticket every so many days,

and yes if you save your gems, in a year you will have enough to buy a ticket,

however for such a great weekly event, I would like to see it made so that 

any player with a level ten Throne Room can participate each week.

Playing in these PRO League Cups has been a great training exercise,

using spells/pals/units in combinations I have never tried before.

it also is a great equalizer because each player has the same stats

whether they are level 10 or level 100.

anyhow I think many players would like to or want to,

but simply can not afford to experience these events

on a week to week basis.