How many days(chances) can I save in festival?



I want to know how many days can I save in festival.

For example,

If today’s festival chance open at 9:00pm, can I use this chance tomorrow or later?

Hello. I’m not exactly sure what you mean. Do you mean when can you attack to not lose any festival days ? If yes, every new festival day starts at 1 pm GMT+1, you can finish your festival raids a few minutes before that time and then atatck again as it is the new festival day.

In the first day you can get 2 chests: the 1st chest expires after 12h and the 2nd chest expires after 36h (time starts counting when the festival starts).

For the rest of the festival, every chest lasts for 36h, with the exception of the last day’s chest, which lasts only 24h (until the end of the festival).

Do note the timer tends to reset after you’ve collected a chest so if you leave it uncollected until next day you may end up losing an entire day.

Unless they’ve fixed this.

In the Festival, you can skip a day and do it the day after. The way it works is that you can always do the chest from yesterday if you didn’t get it. That’s why we have a “bonus” chest on the first day. The system thinks that you didn’t get the one from the day before and lets you fight for it (The first chest you get is in fact the one from the day before the festival).

Basically, you could choose to do two chest every two days. This way you can schedule your festival gold with your workers. Not too many people know this.

That is not true. Every chest (15 crowns) expires after 36h.

If you skip the a day (24h) and then skip another 12h, you just lost that chest.


The exceptions to that are the first chest of the first day (expires in 12h) and the last chest on the last day (expires in 24h).

Nope, festival chests expire when festival is over, no sooner, no later. Since festival soon is finished, the festival chests also soon expire. If you are smartl you open them before end of festival to get those pumpkins, they can be either spended or converted to gems. 

Well, that’s good to know. I still can do it every two day anyway, festival chests reset at 8AM in my timezone. So I have until 8PM to get both chests.


Hmm… interesting.

chest reset at 9pm in my timezone and one of my clan member said that he lost chest after 0am that means he lost the chest in 27hours.

Is he mistaken?


That’s pretty close to what I do as well.

Unfortunately I lost a couple chests 2 festivals ago because I didn’t know abou the 36h thing.