how many factions?

Hi, was just curious if anyone knew how many factions there are currently. As its a player evolved thing rather than game feature I was unsure if anyone knew? The only one I know of is the Russian federation

What’s a faction?

Gods of Destiny and Angelic are kind of a faction…

@Child: A faction is any group of alliances that helps each other. For example, “We’re taking a break this season, so borrow some of our actives!” Some alliances also maintain the same fiefdoms throughout, allowing them to tag-team other alliances on the map.

I’ll make a bacon factions :stuck_out_tongue:

That word is so meaningless and overused in this game.

Which word would that be?

Faction. It is just people trying to copy the blueprints of the top alliances minus the top alliance.


Call it what you want but if you don’t have people who can take on the the top 5 it is pointless.

So many people try to be the Neo SK alliance but they just aren’t.


Ally with anyone, side with whoever, it is not going to make the game any more fun.

Umm faction is the word for a group of alliances child, I was just asking if anyone had any idea? Not asking to give an English lesson, is there a simpler word which doth not offend thee oh mighty king

I could of asked " how many large groups of alliances are working as one cohesive unit as I only know of one", doth that ring more like clarity to my lords ear as it grates like bloody sandpaper on mine which is why I used the word faction. It existed before this game lol

And back to topic, any one besides child have a rough idea?

Not many , maybe around 4 big serious group ?

Thank you fii nami ; )

there are many ,not just 4


 i was part of this great victory 


![11781852_10153521056214282_6737646446065]( gda =1448251140_785d373c576f8269a712fb44f09ebd57)


Okay not impressive. When I said top 5 I was counting VL.

You should not))))

    To make something happen you have to start from somewhere.No matter how slow is the start but if you put     some effort into it and keep going and do the right moves it will happened.                                                            

      We were 5th on the table when the season one kicked in.And I did say at the time that the team we had will go very far.Our leader not sure if it was part of Russia Federation before but he is a nice Russian fella. He did and does work very hard and hold talks with others.

     Today we are top of the table( as I predicted), but we have started from somewhere.And this is the main point.

I said big serious group , thats SK faction VL faction Vn Faction and UvT faction.Others doesnt count in this big serious group.