How many Firebolts do you need? Also, how good are barricades?

I’m trying to plan ahead for the end game so that I don’t waste any gold, so I’m wondering, how many Firebolts do you really need? And what are they good for?

So far I’ve found that the Skull towers do immensely more damage, but that Firebolts have larger range (meaning that they can be used as trap towers in more situations), are harder to hit, and do constant damage, which makes them great at keeping the king from regenerating.

Right now I have 3 Firebolts and am planning to return to an N type base. 2 for trap towers, one to put at the bottom of the 2nd path to keep the king from retreating back to his tent, and to continuously damage units for long periods of time.

Thoughts? Are there any other niches that Firebolt fills that I’m not aware of? An I using Firebolts in situations where I should be using Skull Towers instead? Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, how good are Barricades? I’ve noticed that whenever my Lv.13 Barricade is boosted with Tough Barricade, my Bladestorm can only eat through it and not through anything else. Maxed Barricades seem to have a LOT of stalling power when combined with Tough Barricade. And since Angelic is just before the point of having Tough Barricade 24/7, I want to know which upgrades to prioritize. Do I prioritize maxing the Barricades in the first lane, thus extending the time that my skull towers having to deal damage, or do I prioritize upgrading my towers? Obviously ever Barricade past the first lane is of no priority :stuck_out_tongue:

In my base i’m trying to make half Firebolt Towers and half Skull Towers. I would put maybe 9 skull towers and 8 firebolt tower, or 10 skull tower and 7 firebolt towers. This because even if firebolt is maxed it doesn’t deal lot of damage like a skull tower.Firebolt tower has low health than skull tower and if you haven’t a max sonic blast (8) you can’t kill them in 1 hit.

To not forget Range Bomber: more strong than skull tower in terms of health, but you can use it in many chokepoints for its high range to distract the hero to send back the bomb !


About Barricades are essential nowadays as they are Boosted with thousand of health. So i suggest you to build barricade on barricade on barricade in your base and max all of them then you can start with towers. I said this because a max castle gate allow you to build 13 traps (so building 13 barricades is more fast than building 17 towers). 

Seconds barricades require less gold than a skull tower or firebolt tower ( a barricade lvl 14 requires only 5 days and 5M gold ) so they’re more easy to build.

I have 9 firebolds maxed and  5 of them are back in the storage room (along with an army of max snakes), being replaced by skull towers (and two max bomb towers).

In terms of raw power, skulls are much more deadly against different large packs of troops. Now I use firebold only in selected places.

However, maxing barricades should be a priority (much faster/cheaper to max). and also don’t neglect having a few frost traps at high lvl since under few conditions are even more useful than barricades. 

you might wanna build and max 17 towers of each kind , you cant predict whats gonna be useful next lol

i have 10 max firebolt , although i usually use less than 5 LOL

Currently, skull towers are undoubtedly the best you can have. A few boosted bomb towers or maybe firebolt towers in between are fine, but even firebolt towers (on most places) not that useful comparably as they are single-target while bomb/skull towers deal area damage. 

The thing is, maxing 17 skull towers takes tons of time and money, so having some other towers might make you more flexible for future changes. 


Anyway, I think on high lvl bases, across path overlap and/or across chokepoint, skulls are more common than firebolts now, but that depends on base layout and the towers you currently have. 

I added the base type I’m going for in the OP. my plan is to full Barricade the first lane, bunching units up. Full barricade the 2nd lane, giving towers more time to attack. Full Skull Tower across the lane, allowing them to pummel the bunched-up units. Then, on the square, put Skull Towers in the corner (so that they can still attack just across the barricades), and Snake Towers right in front of them, forcing the king to go into each corner (since ST’s can’t be ignored) and sustain Poison damage while also wasting tons of time and spells.

The thing is, all those across path overlap firebolt towers can pretty much be replaced by skull towers as well. Skull towers can devour whole armies, so they are more dangerous than firebolt towers. And a max lvl skull tower survives 2 max lvl blizzard spells by the way.

If you combine those across path skulls with some along-path skulls, you have a real killing zone with skull bombs firing at you all the time from different directions at same time…