How many of you have the bloody pumps?

We need a festival to can achieve again!  Since the last update i quit ceres and start using aska with pal flute and bloody pumps , amazing combo much more powerfull than ceres imho, i easily beat bases 900+ medals 2 wolfs + canons or pyros everytime that transform

Before i used it with phoebe to cast 2 armaggedon but since 50% use it in defense is not worth to use phoebe in offense anymore


I need it for my son account, you understand me

I agree with you, I also think we need a festival 

Or at least a probability to find it in a chest again!16 months later and never ever  found it in a chest 


I know we have  to take advantage on the gear of the festivals but that item is just dissapear in comparation with others

It’s been a long time since the last festival, since Christmas I think with the Fritz pal. Unfortunately, I think that flare won’t do another festival. Why? I’m not exactly sure, maybe because they think you can get too many gems from them, but whatever the reason, it just seems there won’t be anymore. I hope, just as well as you guys, that they do, indeed, return

Not that much lol AK. the last festival was in May 24th with Pal festival but that was the last one just because I have ask him many times and finally got it to solve my problem of gold. Many months have pass and no more festival. Low player need them to progress in the game. Flare don’t realize festival help player to progress in the game by buying Pal or items who will allow them to achieve Ninja Event or League,etc…

Ahh, I wasn’t here for that one. My laptop broke on April 23rd, haven’t been able to play for nearly 4 months :slightly_frowning_face: . Just haven’t come around to getting it fixed. I’ll need it for school though, so it should be a priority now lol

Anyway, a Pal Festival isn’t much of a festival other than the gold you get from attacks. No equipment, only pals

anyway that was not so exiting. Just old pal. Good for new player with 0 pals for the rest its was just for the gold exactly