How many percent that i have gems in CoF without spend gems??

Did you change algorithm, flaregames?

I cant open the third chest in CoF if i didnt spend gems? and why is these day i rarely open the third chest that has pearl. if i can open it, it just have 14 or 15  pearls. 


Well I open plenty of third chests in the CoF, so you just had some bad luck or didn’t try enought.

Also it does sometimes have 10-15 pearls in it (maybe 20% of the time) but often there is 50-99 pearls in it ( like 80% of the time).

Well chances to open 3rd chest are only 1/20.

But, you could go also 95 fails, and than 5 successes. Maybe someone will make stats, would be interesting to know if maybe flare messes the numbers a little at least.

OK…your title said about Gems and you talk about Pearls? we have plenty of topic about that no need to have more.

To answer you if you look in the others topic. We have talked and discover if people have full treasury that why you can get only 10-11 package

If you use luck perk that up your chance to be lucky but reduce very high the number of pearls and stuff

You have more chance to have better reward in COF when you’re not full in treasury and don’t use luck perk

Now about Gems its not impossible to get them I got one at 88 gems. Don’t need to spend gems to get it

Maybe 5 or 6 month ago, I just take 1 day,a paper and a pencil and I write all the shema that appear and which one come more often

Here the result : 1st I open always the first in the bottom left 90% chance to get skulls Bonus,Extra Gold,Huge Hero items,etc…

                  2nd I open always the upper left maybe 80% chance to get strong Hero stuffs,more extra money,etc…

                  3rd I open always the upper middle one maybe 60% chance to get 16 Vouchers,80 pearls and more,Gems,etc…

Now if you have tested all combinaison since update 2.0.0 you must know 1 Combinaison in this game :

If you open the Left Bottom one and get 1 Pearls don’t try to open the 2nd upper left one you gonna fail at 95% of time

I notice you have more chance when you have 1 Pearls to have all bottom one chest in a line or open the bottom middle one and upper middle one

its 50/50 you can get other combinaison but this come enough often

But its not because that work for me that gonna work for you!!! you must discover your own combinaison and always use the same


How can you be sure that using luck gear reduces your chance of getting high rewards? There has never been announced anythign about this, or in fact about how the luck gear actually works at all… just making stuff up again?

There is no magical pattern that works. When you get to the COF, they don’t generate the prizes. The prizes are generated as you tap on a chest. That’s why you always get skulls during war on your first chest. Also it’s the only posible way to have a luck bonus implemented in the COF.

When you choose a chest, the game first roll to see if you get a prize or not. Then it roll to see what king of prize you get (gold, bread, voucher, pearls, etc). and finally it check what is the quality of the prize (common, rare, legendary, etc).

Now, depending on which chest you are(1st, 2nd or 3rd), the item and quality table are not the same. 

its not me that said that. I think its someone in another topic. I just repeat what I heard. Its a fact people notice this when you have lucky perk you got more chest but scrap and when you have no luck perk you a better reward. If is true or not I don’t know maybe just a supposition. Nobody tested it in reality. If one day someone can test it Luck Perk Vs no Luck Perk maybe we gonna know if is true or not but for now. People who have it take scrap in COF


What would be even better is if FG could actually give any official statement about the entire luck and COF thing instead of people just making assumptions