How many raids???

Because I’m quite the statistician I always love analysing all kinds of you guessed it. Stats, and flare continues to not put all the information into the game whether it’s mine or somebody elses to read. There’s an a very many types of stats to view but the one I want to know is…


How many raids do you do daily on average?  (mine 20 raids)


What is your max amount of raids in one day?  (40 raids when bread cost was alot lower)


When I see records set by the top players with over 300K medals thats 300 raids at 1000 medals per raid right. Thats 100 raids per day (diamond league record)


What other stats are you guys interested in?



Assuming a complete king gear makeover at every 5 levels, how much gems spent on buying all items till level 90.

How much time required to reach level 90.

I would say 3k gems per king gear makeover. If your talking from the start  probably 50K gems   


From level 70 - 90 = 12k gems

I am “studying” chamber of fortune stats…pm 4 u…