How many workers do you have?

I’m curious how other people are doing this?

I have 7 workers, working all the time. 

I feel like I should have more.

I have 7 workers too, I’d like to have another one  :unsure:

Lol, I have seven workers and would like to have like 10 lol

I have eight.  I had five then got offered a special deal that let me add three more.

Damn it!  I would have held out! 

I got 3, then a 3 pack.  Then I held out for about 4 months for another 3 pack.  Finally I got a 1 offer for 1 at only 500 gems so I got him.  So that’s 7.

Here’s to hoping for another 3 pack!

I have 5, each bought inside a package (2 Gold packages and 1 Starter package). I really don’t think that I will ever need another one - I simply don’t have that much time on my hands.

  1. And they are always busy. I’m waiting for another Worker Package  :grinning:

8 workers, at level 69 i don’t think i need more … but i already saw a gold package for about 1800 gems :slight_smile:


I bought one for 500, another for 800 (defense event), then the worker package for ~2200, and the last came with a starter package (!) for 500.

8 here and too lazy nowadays to keep them busy 24/7

I have 6. I dont like upgrade my def so they’re not busy haha.

I have 7 workers, and they are all in vacation… :slight_smile:

8 and still need more

  1. I’m level 92 and havnt had a worker package offer since like level 40 believe you only get two 3x worker pack and the starter pack which includes one

I have 3 and would like having more ^^

I have 9, but mostly 6 of them 24/7 working

have 9 and all of them are free :wink:

i have 11 always free lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 6 and they work like 20  :wink:

I have 5. All bought separately from gems not from any package ^_^

Hi guys,


I have 8, but I should give work for another 8.  :grinning: