How many workers do you need if you are top ranking users?

I have 7 workers at this moment. 6 workers to work on the defense and 1 worker to dig the dungeon.

My towers and barricades now cost 2-4 million gold to upgrade. Gold farming is difficult, so I mainly get my gems from farming tapjoy and buy 12million gold once reach 2400 gems, instead of attacking bases with the risk getting looted.

It is tempting to buy +3 workers package, but do I really need 10 workers. How many do you have? And how many is enough?

I only have 6 workers but I’ve seen someone with 19 workers before ! I think it depends on how often you play , the more often means you’re going to progress faster and that needs more workers.

I only have 3. I have about 2,300-3,000 trophies.

(2,300 when open the base all day, 3,000 when close.)


Do you spend real money?

My ranking is now at 300ish…sometimes 190, sometimes 400. Lvl 73.

I use special techique to farm gems with tapjoy. I normally get 2-3000 in 3days. I hate the fact the higher lvl ur king, everything will cost more so that I no longer attack anyone unless I have free workers doing nothing, or need to upgrade items that require no worker (spell, troops)


Please tell me your special technic! I try to open my base but always only get 20-30 gem per day.

I have 5 workers but i am not able to buy the 6th worker as i am not able to save my gems and spend them on scrolls.


I will give you a hint, it will involve a spare phone. Took me a few days of testing.

go to setting -> restore factory setting -> install -> repeat

1044 gems, I will update you how much I get a couple days later


I now have three lvl6 firebolt towers, I need to upgrade them all. $$$$


Thank, I can guess it…

I think spare PC is fine too…

Well, i didnt percieve anything.

but that defense is so gooooood.

@asian_xl what is your name in RR2?




Not at all, people attack me all the time without using resurrections. I can see they use heal or firestorm + bladestorm + sonic blast,


and I prefer not to disclose my RR2 name. =)

since when r u playing rr2?

Feb this year


easy 200 gems in an hr and so


do u hack?

No need to hack if you gain that much gems.

For me I play this game since May, when RR2 arrives on windows phone.

Without using real money I still get 3,000 trophies rank.

Since Feb and gain that much gems is nothing to surprise.

i cant save gems. i spend them every second. it cannot be resisted.

So once you have the new account/base, how does that get you more gems?