How many workers do you need if you are top ranking users?

has any1 completed the dungeon?

even when new things come out do you even use them or just buy the upgrade?

yes its right. it depends how usefull it is.

I have 5 workers. 2 for digging and the rest to upgrade buildings. When I’m out of workers I spend money into spells and trooos. For me it is enough to have 5.

I have 9, acquired through some fortunate packages. A bit of work to keep them busy, but I usually do a pretty good job at this, especially as the upgrades are taking longer and longer. I don’t feel I need more, now or in the future.

I have 11, all upgrading towers. Like Sorin said, tough to keep busy but I manage. Just 1 more weeks towers will be maxed then I can relax lol

@Arayatron:  No you can’t.  You will need to use your workers to maxing out towers that you would normally have in your inventory.  What if next patch they radically buff Frost towers and those become what you need to have to effectively defend your base :slight_smile:


Not tipical, but it happens :slight_smile:


How do you farm gems???


Make your base look weak, but in fact crazy strong.

When player raid and die at last minute that will have high chance to use gems.


Just make your base crazy strong with good reward to lure other player to raid.

Tapjoy to farm free gems


I have 8 workers currently, and if it wasn’t for the dungeon, I wouldn’t be able to keep all of them busy due to the inadequate amount of gold farm-able at high levels.

Pretty much factory resetting the device and installing the game with a new base will allow you to do the Tap joy “Speak to a representative” offers those give around 350 -400 gems for that offer alone and there is many offers of that nature. Dial , once answered say " wrong number " hang up. And there’s your 400 gems do to all offers of that kind. Uninstall game, factory reset device, install, do offers repeat. Doing this just 2 times will bring you close to 2,000 gems.

☆☆☆ Reap what you Sow ☆☆☆

I think we should start new topic about gems farming.

yawm…I spend more time on tapjoy than the actual game


don’t post your scrennshoot, or your acc will be hack

no worry, the gems will be all spent in few minutes.

Also, Which Rank can be called as Low, Mid, High or, Top Player?

I think they get 10% more trophies for high players