How many workers do you need if you are top ranking users?

excluding me, still rank 11k. climbing soo sloooww

i’m like rank 43k or something.  :slightly_frowning_face:

what’s your rank?

356 right now ive been up to 170ish tho when i had a proper defense lol

then why don’t  you use the same defense?

at 170ish im the smallest fish in that pond

or like ductd831 says ‘the chicken in the cave’.

most top ranking players have at least 9 workers which work on their defense. but even with that many workers, your tower upgrades will take close to forever to finish

Hey, i’ve just 2 workers and i stil alive :wink:

@Desha – keep playing and upgrading.  As you progress it will get easier for you to win tournaments and get gems.


Stop spending gems on anything else.  You probably next gem purchase to be for the 3rd spell slot.  After that I would go for the 3rd worker then the 3rd troop slot.  Don’t try to remove ruins until you have at least that much.

Totally agreeing! The most valuable purchase is the 3rd spell slot. One or two additional workers and the 3rd troop spot should be next on your wish list. And don’t buy these immediately when you have enough gems, but rather try to wait for package offers with a decent discount.

Ruins aren’t that important, as usually there are many efficient ways of setting up your defense, not just one. Removing ruins gets more expensive the more you remove, so only do it if it is absolutely necessary!

For getting gems: Try to unlock achievements. Try to win tournaments - e.g. silver league win is better than 8th place in gold league, even if you have to skip one day for getting down to silver again. Don’t use scrolls or resurrections in battle, don’t use gems for speeding up upgrades. Try to set up a defense that makes attackers use scrolls in battle, as you will get some of the gems they spend there.

Last but not least, if you are not a windows user, use video offers or tapjoy for getting free food and/or gems.


Thanks for your time.

Actually right now im No.1 on the Platinum League and i think so i’ll win it.

I’ve completed most of Quests and lot of TapJoy& Free Gems offers.

Now i have just 468 and i can up them to 1000 or near range, But fixing the castle and the defense is so hard with just 2 workers… i need 2/4 days to upgrade just 1 buildng… Wrost thing i done is removing lot of runis when im just beginner… no i need to open the 2 slots and one more worker or two… and i dont no how to do that+ i cant buy gems with real money because i live in middle east and this harder than you think :slightly_frowning_face:

Pheeww…3700trophies @ rank 180

I only just started,and reading this makes me re-think trying to progress already :/ 


The game is cool, but it tries to ram gems down your throat - for your cash of course - at every opportunity. I’m already tiring of the girl popping up to try sell me gems. If I want gems, I know where to get them, thanks. It screams pay2play already :slightly_frowning_face:

Full gold refill, new background, and 10th worker for 1k gems when original price was 9k. Yeah, offers like this makes me want to buy instantly. lol…



Maybe a month or 2 to finally max out if you have 10 workers or more. Still MUCH MUCH BETTER though vs only 2-3 workers which could take you over a year to max out. Once you upgrade everything you need mainly on offense and defense, the rest of the upgrades are just time killers and extras and you’ll most likely spend your gold, pearls, and gems on upgrading equipment. 

I have 7 workers and I have 4022 trophies all working on towers 'cause I already completed the dungeon. I’m 122th by now…

Hi. Sziasztok

I have 9 workers…

I have just 5 workers but They are enough for me Because i spend for the best tower, waves ,spells and troops :slight_smile: