How many workers for building is the maximum?


You can have up to 20 workers:

Is it confirmed maximum?



Yes, it is the maximum you can have, after you receive a message saying you cannot hire more.

There should be a quest, “Employ 20 Workers” and win a thousand gems nd become famous in the rr2 community!!

wow its crazy you need 138K Gems to have 20 workers :blink: (if you buy them one by one)

lol you need to spend if you wait to have the 50% off prize to buy 7 time the big pack at 49.99$ = 350$ (less if you wait the cheaper event)

at full prize 700$

lol i think its we call cash milking MEUUUUUUUU!!!

that its just for 1 feature if you want to unlock all melting slots =  26,110 Gems (less if you wait Blacksmith event) 2 X pack 49.99$ = 100$

at full prize = 200$

its not all if you want to have full Alliance Tower = 22,251 Gems (less if you wait Alliance Party event) 2 x pack 49.99$ = 100$

full prize = 200$

If you want to become a Pay-to-Win players you need to spend 550$ if you wait event,less if you wait to gain Quest gems and dungeom and win leagues maybe 400$ or you need to spend like 1100$ if you don’t want to wait event,special offers or wait to do dungeon,league,etc…

if each player spend like 400$ in this game X by perhaps 300,000 players = 120 Millions just for Royal Revolt 2 (maybe 20% of player are P2W players) around 24 Millions

If you count players who play Dawn of Steel and the others game spend the same cash like 400$ to be pay-to-win or more

maybe 24 Millions each game x 5 games = 120 Millions

Flaregames actually have in their Gold Vault around 200 Millions if its not more

Congratulations!!! Can you add more Pay-to-win function I think its far to be enough. You need to reach 500 Millions in your gold vault for 2017

maybe in 2.2.0 update you gonna able to reach this number with more P2W function

Seriously Flaregames you don’t have trouble to sleep during night? No?

I am happy to see this before start a P2W account in few months. I change my mind I still Free player sorry

For me a game must be 80% Free and 20% Pay-to-win not 10% Free and 90% Pay-to-win no sense at all

and If I add plus all the bug in Royal Revolt 2 and Dawn of Steel maybe in others game too. Don’t worth it to spend 1$ in Flaregames game



Still 20 worker is useless maybe usefull at level 90 when you have Castle Gate at 20 for 20 Towers with Taverns,Farms,etc… but you need to be a no life lol to play 24/7

maybe around 10 its good