How many XP-gain in war battle?

200% gain in war or 300%

200% MORE. 300% is the overall, I think. In a normal battle you have 100% XP. But in the war you have 100% + 200% = 300%

Please correct me if I am wrong

I think you are wrong bro because whenever we get 200% xp gain in war it becomes 2 times but now its 300% so it should be 3 times but it is some mistake by flare that we are gaining only 200% xp. Hope any answer from fg

We are, in fact, gaining 300% XP. It is 3x the normal attack. 100% x3 = 300% 100% + 200% = 300%

I do believe what I said is correct, and by seeing how much I gain after attacks, it definitely looks like 300% to me

Can be up to 2.5mil I think per raid

Actually 300% should be x4 (50%=1.5x, 100%=2x, 200%=3x, 300%=4x). And I’d say it’s working because I get around 800k exp per raid in the battles and without Exp perks.

So what we conclude from above pics. 200% is working or 300%.


I’m getting 1.6 million xp from each war battle with xp gear on LOL

haha wow congrats

I get 2.5m on some bases earned about 230m xp so far 

the same

…wow, poor me. Here I am, so proud of myself for earning 200k XP per battle…you guys have humbled me LOL  :wink: