How many years should we suffer this shippy Pro Shop?

Dear non-listeners (aka failgames),

I don’t care a single funk if you want players to spend money/crystals/gems/blood in the under-powered and totally not-useful Pro Pets (still Aska best pet and Wolf best beast, since…always).

I want AT LEAST one good Pro item in the shop, I promise I will pay it even 50k crystals. Last time there was the kick ring, super, the time before the double perk scream shoulder, very good. This time? A lame double firestorm belt. Since weeks.

Change at least the items more often. You can leave the pets there forever as far as I care of them.


All the worst,

I also thought it would be better if the rotation changed every week.

Be patient little Padawan. Be patient…

Like it. Collect crystals and be patient??

Same shop for 2 months, or longer?


The items stay about 2-3 months. The same amount of time fg needs to respond to a question, on average. Way too long. The items should change every month

Probability reasons?

  • Flare consider those free player who only relying to his/her free ticket.
  • Most player who can afford tickets each week get less than 5k/week. Flare consider those who want to buy more than one items (or perhaps all of it).
  • Every player have different interest to the items. Just that someone said it’s not good, the others might like it.


Then make it like granny shop and roll the dang items so that we can change them.

Pro pals should be always available, since players can buy them then for upgrading or releasing a pro beast. 

Considering the items, it takes way too long before we get new items. for the rest we can only hope to find a previously sellable item in a pro chest. Every item that once has been in the shop, should be for sale there. Is it that hard to make scrollbars or group them by kind of item?

For example, I am looking for the armor with double leadership. It’s not in the shop, so only option is to hope to find it inside a chest. For the ones that already have that item, it’s not interesting to see that item reappear in the shop. To please both kind of players, this item should be for sale, but also other items that have been in the shop. Flare should create new pro items to make it interesting for everyone.