How much do you want to bet that the next Festival is an Olympic Festival

Title says all. I think this would be an awesome event for flaregames. Great chance for new equipment and pals

100 gems. Whats the return on this?

I was just thinking about it and I really think there’s a 100% chance of it lol. It involves everyone around the world, so it’s not just a festival from one country or something

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your question “Whats the return on this?”

I was joking :lol:

How much do you get if you make the right bet I meant.

I think there is a good chance but not sure if Flare will make an Olympic festival. Could be a good idea though.

We didn’t even have Christmas event 

We had Winter event in 2017, but Christmas in 2016

Every time I see your dp, I get a feeling that you are commenting in anger.  :wink: