How much gems was used on this battle ?

Any idea ? How much gems was used ? 

That is crazy.

3 * 16

9 * 13

36 +72 +144 + 288 + 556 +1112 + 2224

Denk in totaal 4597 edelstenen

but he can say he is member of todes?

No cap on x2 cost on gems each time u die ? 

That’s my question actually lol

And why only 100 gems was given…

You got 5 gems/ressurection

2 gems/ scrolls


error, Revive costs go - 36+72+144+288+576+1152+2304=4572 Scrolls = 48+117=165 Total = 4737 gems. Defender gets 1/7th of gems used,and capped at 100 gems.

Who uses 4700 gems on an attack. He had to be dropping gems

Could someone teach him how to fight? I mean, ofc it’s tough in war with the skull gear, but that is just sad. If he keeps up this pace, he will have to buy the 20k gems offer multiple times a day, depending on how many fronts they have :wink: And all of that for only 1340 skulls. Merry Christmas :wink:

Oh! Our new DrRazz))))

Hi Acc, Was that your base or Mike’s?

He is the  new Angus VL ?


This war is same like all previous. No need many scrolls, i have no idea why for so many guys its more easy to spent 2-4 k gems per raid, but not learn how to beat bases

honestly though, i would have assumed that after all that raiding, one would have figured out how to raid. lol.

Like, maybe spend some of those scrolling gems on forging offence. might be a start…


…wtf…! :blink:


If he (or anyone else) has that too many gems then I’ll take them. Blacksmith and AT upgrades be expensive. And much better investment than a single raid. ^_^

If he gives 4737 gems to anyone in the game then he will teach him how to fight lol (even I won’t mind teaching him :stuck_out_tongue: ) …just a one time time investment ??

Anyway Merry Christmas to that person who got it (ofc from him)?

That’s A LOT ?

I think he knows how to raid. It was probably a mistake on a raid where he lost his army. He would rather scroll and revive than retreat.

Its good spirit for top alliance