how much gild do we lose while being attacked?

i want to know if there is any limit to the amount of gold we loose wile being attacked?

to the max i have seen 2 lakhs being loosen in 4 attacks.

otherewise if there is no limit than it wolud be impossible for me to collect 30 lakhs gold.

2 lakhs is how much ? 200,000 gold ? You can loose up to 500k max

You can loose upto 500,000 that is 5 lakhs. You can use shield for treasure chamber to get 3 Millions or 30 lakhs. That would make it easier to gather loot.

Yes 2 lakhs is 200,000.

I loot about 690,000 Gold. (By gold increaser, it’s change to 950,000 gold)

One raid max is 500k loss to the defender. Attacker might see much higher due to system generated cash and increase with gold boost too. Couple weeks ago, when I had 3 day gold shield expiry, I had like 8mil in my chamber and I have nothing to use it on. I noticed, 3 different people attacked me in the next 10 minutes and each of them looted 500k from me. I believe all of them got me through match making and I believe. After that there were some more raids but they were didn’t loot that much. So in my case system gave away 1.5mil for sure. I was under the impression, once someone loots you with 500k, no one will be able to get that much immediately. I guess 3hours? But I was wrong. Does any one know this scenario? Or everyone was much smarter than me to not leave such a loot with out protection?

Actually Desi – you may have just gotten unlucky.  I have always noticed that you one person gets a big raid, then everyone else takes a progressively smaller portion of your treasure.  However, if your name turned up in 3 peoples match maker at the same time and they all started before the first one finished, it might be possible that the system didn’t log that you had a big looter.

That was my understanding too… but normally that was based on my experience of leaving like 1.5 mil and leaving for some time… then increasing it gradually with each raid session and losing only some in between. I never had more than 3.5mil earlier and this time i had 8mil. Since the loot is a lot, it makes sense to distribute with mutiple players but capping at 500k. Even after so many raids, the total i lost was below 2.5mil and I was ok with that unlike earlier before 1.4.0 where we would have lost almost half of what we had in each raid and would have surely lost like 4mil in first raid itself. If anyone had any more info on this or willing to test it once, it will be greatly appreciated. Especially if flare can put some information on it. @Jona are you listening?

From what I experienced , leaving more gold unprotected means more player can take 500k from you.And at lower level , max you can lose is only 70k (level 30) so the cap increase with treasure chamber level I guess.

yes you guys are right may be I am on 52 level that’s why I loose only upto 200k.

Based on experience:

Max possible gold loss per raid is 500k

Max possible loot able gold is +- 850k

Rough estimates

2m - 4m - 500k lost then 2nd attacker will get shit

4m - 6m - 500k can be looted by first and second attacker 3rd is shit.

(This is if u have haven’t been attacked and farmed that much)

I haven’t tried holding more than 7m unprotected. Gold recovers depending on the amount of gold you have. More gold faster the recovery/increase rate