How much range need SB to destroy lighting tower?

How much range  need Sb to destroy lighting tower behind the path? 

My corrent is 3.2 thx

+10% range or 5 ubers of range. 

Its wrong answer,  i upgrade 20 times range and still can’t 

Upgrading 20 times and upgrading 20 times succesfully is a difference oO.

You can hit a Firebolt or Lightning tower after a Barricade or Blockade with an additional range of 10%.

To hit any tower besides FB and LT at a chokepoint requires a range boost of 18% or 20%, not entirely sure about that though.

From the screenshot you shared. It’s the shock point your are asking about. Well for this. you need to upgrade your range 5.0

exact range of sonic blast to destroy lightining tower is 2.70 it is the exact range

Well he is asking about the chokepoint.

I don’t think anyone has such a high range on SB to give you an answer for that.

I can tell you that 18%-20% can hit a skull tower instead of the Lightning tower at that exact same spot.

I have 20% and I can hit a skull tower there. For LT or FB, I am not sure how much you actually need. My Alliance leader has more than 30% and I never saw him mention that he could hit it.

from the choke sparta? if im correct you need 4.12ish range total, most other answers on here are sad jokes.

I can reach all towers but lighting and firebolt. I think five or six more times I could reach it. I’m not going to invest anymore pearls just to take those towers. Pyros can easily take those 2 down and I feel it’s a waste of pearls. 

Firestrom and byebye towers traps (;

Thxxx a lot

The answer is less than 4.12. Its more likely 4.0 or even slightly lesser. Remember when pyros had range 4.0? We had to scream drag pyros to the corner and then would suddenly be able to hit the trap firebolt tower. I draw my statement from that.

Secondly, I remember while forging archer range when they were upto 3.9 range they would be able to hit such trap firebolts. I’m certain the answer lies between 3.9 to 4.0.

Archers at 3.5 range can hit a Firebolt Tower and Lightning Tower with scream as well. I think you don’t need so much, maybe 3.2-3.3 at most. Remember a king can go into places that the other troops can’t, namely his throne room, but other places as well.

I have 20% and can take skull. So I think  5 more times to take firebolt/lighting. So my guess is 30%

I think this is also a waste. If you have firestorm or pyro it better to use that.

The answer is between 3.5 and 3.68.

Since my toxic cloud of range 3.5 does not even deal little damage to FB at chokepoint but it takes ~10% health when in range. Now my archers have range of 3.68 and can destroy that same FB. So the answer lies between 3.5 and 3.68.

3.38 is the apparent max for sonic blast, so you may not be able to hit that tower.

Got now 3.27,  you sure 3.38 is the max?  

Thx a lot

Yep 3,38 is the real max, at +30 forges for example only of range you are at 3,36 -> check here to see the gradual progress: (you are currently at +17 of range actually according to this table):

I agree with you, it is too waste the pearl to get maximum range so SB can hit the LT at choke point, just bring the pyro and let them blast the LT with their fire.