How much stone does lv 3 watch tower needed ?

Hi so we all know the special title in the middle of the map this time need atleast lv3 watchtower to claim so i would like to know how much stone and alliance gold would be needed to upgrade to see if it worth it. Currentlly i only know it cost 1k5 stone to go lv1 6k stone to go lv 2 if the lv 2>3 cost 4 time like first lv we might now even have enough store space to hold enough stone for upgrade. Enlight me please.

It is a screenshot of playing with the first conquest.Since that time I have not built LV 2.

The cost varies. That’s the price of a lvl 3 tower for my team, only possible with stone deposit lvl 9 or max.

Yes. The amount of stone necessary for construction will change with the LV of the carpenters’ residence. As the LV goes up the stone cost increases.

Thanks guys ?, so a specific answer for an alliance is still very vague, another thing conquest should be improve . Maybe give player calculate formula or something