How much trophies would you get if you were to get 100% on a 5000+ player

Let’s say your at 1395 trophies, and you get 100% on the top guy (that won’t happen). How much trophies would you get? Matchmaking says 0, but is that just a placeholder, is that incalculable? Please reply.


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It’s not a placeholder, it’s literally 0. You can gain trophies 500 (maybe 600) trophies above and below your level, nothing more

Wait so you gain trophies, yes or no? 

No, you do not gain any trophies. Like I said, only players that are 500 or 600 trophies above or below you are opponents that you can gain trophies from. In your case this would be at 1995 trophies or 795 trophies

Some understand more with a screenshot

With over +1400

With over +900

With +600

So its around 700 difference you gain 0


Thanks guys. I understand now! So you can’t gain trophies from opponents more than 600+ trophies above/below you.



My IGN: CrazyPikachu2001


ok but then how is this possible? This guy is 1358 trophies below me…

From above you, it’s 700. Below you however it’s more. 

You cannot gain trophies from players that have 700+ more trophies than you.

There is no such restriction for players that have less trophies than you. However, the less trophies a player has, the less challenging the base usually is, and so the less trophies you can gain. At some point due to integer rounding, the possible gain will be zero trophies, too.

You should also note that this “zero trophy restriction for opponents with 700+ trophies more” works in both ways. You cannot gain trophies when raiding such bases, but also you cannot lose trophies! But still you gain gold, XP and medals (!). You can use that restriction to your advantage that way. You can attack bases with 700+ more trophies non stop without any risk to lose trophies, and raid their gold, gain XP and win leagues.

It’s possible to have negative trophies too.


Negative trophies doesn’t have anything to do with this topic

To answer your question CrazyP, it is exactly as Dena said. You can gain trophies even when you are 1358 trophies above someone. You can’t attack someone that’s more than 700 trophies AHEAD of you and gain trophies, but you CAN attack a player that is more than 700 trophies BELOW you and gain trophies

Interesting! I was about to post this exact question. I’m getting repeatedly attacked by a much lower player (from a trophy perspective — he’s actually level 108, same as me). My trophy count isn’t affected, but he gets a lot of gold, even if he doesn’t make it very far (not sure why that is, either). This bizarre rule is interesting, because you can siphon gold off much higher players without any negative consequence. Good to know!

Edit: Is there any reason I should care what my trophy level is?

To answer your question: As far as I know, Trophy count matters because if you use the matchmaker, you will get more gold if your trophy count matches the algorithm. (For instance, a level 88 player should have 2500 trophies)


Thats my knowledge 

No, it is not the algorithm. The real game is far behind this. A level 88 player usually have 2000 trophies. I am at 2450 now, and all players around me have an average 91-94 level.

Oh ok, thanks for letting me know!

Yes, the ninja event.

You should try to increase your trophies as much as possible so you can participate in the highest ninja tiers.

Good point. I don’t want to fall to a lower tier. I do use a lot of pearls.

I did some experimenting, attacking the top 10 players. That does seem to be an effective way to get gold without risking trophies. I averaged around 350K-450K gold per raid, which is the same or more than I would get from using the raid button. I didn’t beat anyone, but didn’t lose any trophies either.