How Nemesis can be balanced to restore the spirit of the game

Nemesis creates an anomaly where you are REWARDED when you are doing badly. The worse you play, the better you are rewarded.

If your King happens to be alone, all the heal puddles can be ‘enjoyed’ by your king. If you bring along units, then your king may die instead for not being able to ‘absorb’ the heal puddles. Thus, if you play badly and all your troops are dead, your king will survive better.

This is VERY silly in terms of gameplay.

How to balance Nemesis?

Change Nemesis’s heal puddles to bombs that absorb percentage of HP of allied units.

Why is this more balanced?

  1. Your king will recover more hp the more units you succeed in carrying forward. This restores the logic where you are rewarded for protecting your units, not the current silly contradiction.

  2. Defenders are rewarded for killing your units, not punished. If the defender’s base has a good chokepoint, your King will find it more difficult to recover since there will be less units around the king.

  3. Insta units can be used so their partial hp can be absorbed by Nemesis. This will immediately make the insta token useful since the logic of the game is restored whereby you actually WANT units beside your King.

  4. The raider will now have to play properly and protect his troops instead of making silly rushes and get rewarded for it.

If you support this idea, please upvote it for Flare to see.

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Yig,Yog, Yug as the same(Resembles) position as Nemesis
They make sacrifices from the unit and increase the power of the king alone.

There is a Guardian sprinkle as the opposite of Nemesis and Yig Yog Yug.

Isn’t it better to sell a new Pro Pal that has the same effect to protect the same unit?
About 150,000 crystals worth.

Single breakthrough, many breakthroughs.
Respect each user’s favorite play style.
I always have a strategy close to the king alone. I increase physical strength and magic rather than leadership by equipment boost.

I want Nemesis to stay the same.
One of the users who wants him to keep the value of his ability to invest in him.

Rather than slashing the user’s sought and invested abilities, increasing the options for new challenges will lead to confidence in the game and a challenging future.

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When there isn’t a SINGLE pal in the game stronger than Nemesis, then it has nothing to do with respecting different play style. Nemesis is just overpowered compared to ALL other pals. Plain and simple.

The cost of Nemesis cannot be the justification of it being the one and only overpowered pal in the game, because that will destroy any future prospect of the game, i.e. no matter how many pals in the future is released, no one is going to use it as long as Nemesis remains this broken.

If a pal more broken than the current version of Nemesis is released, the game will not just be broken, but it’ll be shattered.

Hence, the only solution is to bring balance to Nemesis. No other solution. No other excuses. 150k crystal excuse is overused.


Last month I finally bought Nemesis and invested food. To weaken this for somebody’s convenience.
If it is a product of an ordinary company, it is a complaint.
In other words, you are not thinking of the subsequent person who purchased Nemesis.

Just make a new pal with 150,000 crystals. Just increase the types of defense towers. Just remodel with a rune.

Defense balance can improve it while adding.

Impressing negative elements against other users while the balance remains existing is simply a flare preferential treatment for those who want to maintain an advantage.
Continuing to watch this invites subsequent users to be severely discouraged.

Your outlook, my outlook.
It would be nice if there was a wonderful improvement that would eliminate the fear of both parties.

Give them time to enjoy the value of Nemesis.

The balance that is not enough for defense should be “add”.
“Add” investment. New changes can be added.
Above all, we should “add” the feeling of wanting to give the user (customer) money.
Austerity is bad.

I still don’t know if this game is complete.
You are not the only one who continues to see changes in RR2. All subsequent people are the same.

150,000 crystals are cheap for top players and expensive for others. The existence of a product that keeps the same value for all players is important as users’ willingness to continue the game.

I agree that the game is broken, but it’s not because of Nemesis. Inviting the depopulation of the game’s user population is a direct cause of the breakdown.
If you are looking for an improvement that is worthy of your defense value, I suggest that you make a “add” proposal.

So how can Flare move forward?

  1. Release any other weaker pal and no one will use

  2. Release a stronger pal that costs 200-300k crystals and the game gets even more broken?

or option 3

  1. balance Nemesis

Of course there’s option 4

  1. The game doesn’t have anymore new pal since 1) is useless and 2) just makes the game silly.

Option 5. Just quit the game…it is boring anyway…the way it is😉. This game is best for guys/galls that have 24/7 to play. Not so much fun if you have a life outside the game…which i would gladly like to give to all of you🥰


Will probably be banned for this by FG😎

Option 6
Create new game currency and new mini-games.
Allow new pals, obstacles, towers and units to be exchanged.
(It would be nice to add them to existing crystal currency products and pals respectively.)

And after the users have invested
Flare adjusts the balance by combining them again.

This may be a bit more broken, but users will be busy acquiring and validating new ones.

For Flare, this means earning users time and money.
However, users will not be “disappointed” during this period.
The quest for new things brings back the eagerness of an enthusiastic player.

(If Nemesis weakens at the end of the year, the user bought with the offer may decide not to log in next year.
So … rather than weakening expensive nemesis)

Let’s ask for a bold reform next year.

I’ll add on to the reason why my proposed solution makes so much more sense in terms of game logic:-

  1. Level 6 wolf rune. It’s so difficult to get, but if you apply it, those baby wolves will become a liability if they take the heal puddle created by Nemesis.

However, with my proposed solution, it will become an asset of a combo where the more units you have, the better Nemesis will heal your king, i.e. the baby wolves’ hp will be siphoned partially by Nemesis to heal your king.

  1. Some guardians will be more useful, like Sprinkle. If you have a bunch of army, you can heal them using Sprinkle (and get more units using charm too), so that when the guardian activation is over, your Nemesis can still continue to siphoned HP from your units that survived because of Sprinkle, to heal your king.

Being a player that always liked to play with a lot of troops, I could/should like the idea. But there is a little flaw in the argument as the game punish players that arrive at the gate with a lot of troops as it make the 100% much more difficult due to the tower at the gates… So as long as the 100% in war is that important, I wouldn’t recommend to punish some solo raid as you will need those silly solo partial raid at the end of the raid to assure the 100%. But an idea could be to simply decrease slightly the bomb throwing rate. (I insist on the slightly knowing fg…)

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Why bother with trying to nerf it? You know Flare will introduce something ‘better’ once most have it anyway. What else would you ‘big guys’ spend crystals on if they don’t…

lacuna if you can’t stand some one defeat your syst, deffence and you can not remaind in top10 thx nemesis start voting for makig ability improve deffence ,

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Leave it alone… make defenses better and return defense structure as a primary part of the “tower defense game”. Stop nerfing and changing the pals and guardians. Many players don’t have nemesis as the cost is prohibitive.
Many may have just recieved it after saving for months.
Focus time one the War system that was suppose to be included in this update and more fun ways to design defenses. … again tower defense game. New path sizes, obstacles, and so on would be much more welcome.


“HELL no nerf my favor again!!!”

But i agree with LacunaC, Nemesis is OP, in long run it has to be balanced.

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No one in top 10 actually cares about remaining in top 10 for many other reasons that are unrelated to this topic. The only ones that want to be in top 10 are newbies who haven’t been there before.

But from your answer, looks like you prefer option 2, flare increases defense like crazy then release a new pal that costs 300k crystals. Sure, I have no problem with this too if that’s what most players want.

Increasing defense alone in itself doesn’t answer the question on how flare can move forward, i.e nemesis will still be the only ultimate go to pal and those who don’t have it will see it as the only goal. All game depth and variety will be gone.

Another one that would opt for option 2? Flare increasing defense like crazy that warrants a more powerful pal than nemesis, then release one for 300k crystals?

Why do you pretend we have options? We are all just customers of Flare… Customers as in ‘people who buy stuff from them’ and have no say in what they offer. Nerfing even more things isn’t good for customer-satisfaction and doesn’t improve the overall fun-factor.

What used to be fun was upgrading things (towers, spells, units,…). It Made us feel that we made peogress. Adding an extra level to towers would at least keep us going for a few months.


It’s merely a discussion in a forum, so you’re right, the choice was never ours. That’s why I wonder why so many snowflakes here are triggered when I’m merely discussing about the game’s content.

Lol, ‘snowflakes’…