How Nemesis can be balanced to restore the spirit of the game

Yeah, I have the same thing.
Hopefully Flare will read the concerns of both sides and balance it.

Leave nemesis alone !!!


Do not take it away what we spent. Do not make same mistakes. Learn from past experience :wink: Find out other ways to balance out. Not nerfing. It is not correct answer for the matter please.

If anything, all past experience is telling Flare that nerfing is the correct move and not a mistake.

Remember how so many complained when Toxic Cloud was nerfed? It’s still one of the most used spells now.

Donkey? Same thing.

So yeah, thanks for reminding Flare to not be afraid of nerfing something because they have been right in nerfing.

This is no longer about my language skills, you feel personally attacked by members who do not share the idea of weakening nemesis.
At least that’s how you react
There is a small group of players who can easily defeat defense systems with the nerfed pet, and they only have to worry about their own defense system,
by weakening nemesis you will only make this group happy.
at the same time you will disappoint another larger group who need her full capacity.
overpaid = overpower

How did I react? I reply to disagreements that have substance with my own opinions. If a person comment without any substance, I’ll send a reply without any substance too because that’s all that it warrants.

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as far as i remember you play for pheonix legions, one of the richest alliances made up of russian oligarchs
You have guards there on level 10 so you don’t need nemesis at all
just feel free disagreeing with me

Lol where I play has nothing to do with the subject matter. The same applies to you that’s why I don’t ask you what team you’re playing for.

The only thing in discussion here is Nemesis.

you right i shoudn’t wrigh that , forgive me bro

I don’t think it’ll go out of hand if the percentage is small. I was thinking, maybe 1% of max hp. So if a wolf with 40k hp is near, you siphon 400 hp. If you have like about 10 big units like that, it’ll be 4k hp.

4k hp for a single “heal bomb” btw, that’s a lot. The knights from insta mummy or skeletons won’t be overpowered because they have little hp. Plus, a little rework on the effect of pal flute can make it viable as a combo, i.e Nemesis beast summoning skeletons so the “heal bombs” can siphon from them.

Just to add on, on how I think the mechanics should be. It’ll be the same visual puddle but in Black or dark purple colour, where the puddles siphon hp from own units that step on them.

Russian oligarchs :rofl::rofl::rofl:

preach ! Finally someone who think the same. Flare need more player with that mindset or this game will become too much casual !

i have an idea on how to nerf it without touching it : bring new conquest boost. Here is how i see it:

  • Conquest boost for arrow tower: they can now throw bomb that bring anti-heal on the tile of the bomb. This tower is useful now :wink: -BUILDING-

  • Conquest boost for mortar : same as before, anti-heal on tile where damage is done - BIG RANGE UNIT-

  • Conquest boost for ogre: anti-heal during the time of the stun - CLOSE RANGE UNIT -

New rotation of boost so it’s better and player who think its too powerful just don’t play nemesis (ahahahah a lot can’t) or don’t attack top alliance, simple. PS: I would love a conquest boost on ice tower so they summon ice gargoyle that make anti heal everywhere but it sounds broken…but super funny in a same time ^^

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oh, so it’s all about protecting the topteams? Good to know the reasoning why you want it changed…

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I didn’t anticipate this, i don’t want to protect top team (i’m not in one of them). You’re right, teams that don’t have the boosts will continue to suffer from nemesis. Shit.

The underlying problem is boosts are no longer boosts whether thats towers or guardians or pets
when you offer so many boosts (up to 600%) then sure you need excessive things to counter the probability of all things being active? Problem is thats not what the vast majority of alliances have. So with varying boosts of excessive nature the absence of some skews the entire game and bases mean nothing… I think they all need to be dragged back to small amounts like 20% and then things balanced. then you have a chance of king and base meaning something more than a place holder for boosts.

well, I think flares should add 1 to 2 additional levels to towers, obstacles, and gates … because if the nemesis nerfing by flares, it will make the game not elegant anymore … why …? to get nemesis is not easy … especially before the war conquest that provided a pro chest as a prize … it took a lot of time to collect crystals up to 150k, because at that time it could only get crystals from prizes playing in pro leagues.

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The problem is more in the boosts so many have veen added that its the underlying cause of all the other things.
long time players will remember the triple mummy boost that caused all of these similar issues yrs ago. But no one cared overly about it as it was a rare thing. Today its everywhere and randomly adding OP offensive stuff to counter the possible presence of these in a base creates crazy imbalances.

Hello Jerry I totally agree with you concerning raid with classic gears

But if you nerf nemesis, fights will skull gears will become very hard again and make players abandonned the game.

So either Flare find a way to nerf nemesis for classic raid or kill skull gears ( bad idea :))

Nemesis isn’t the strongest attacker. It just has the Phoebe heal circles with an acceptable amount in mid to long range area damage that Phoebe doesn’t in base attack form. In that sense, sure, it could be considered op compared to her. I really don’t think it’s game breaking for the cost, or the nature of free to plays, longer players get better stuff. As for the other non heal abilities, they are so random you can’t really count on, and unlike Phoebe you can’t use pal flute for a gain. Unless they fixed it recently, you’ve nerfed yourself.

I’m of a mind it’s the other stuff you’re all using in mass that needs to be considered too, if we’re going to be honest about this perceived issue. The spells, units, and boosts aren’t the same by a long shot, some one hit, while others struggle to take stuff down (before a heal or howl hits), including some spells with 60k in armor boosts against their weakness. Some of the more powerful boosts are kind of a reward for doing well as a team, so I mind them less, but can’t deny it would be fairer to us all if these things were just built in as we leveled them. For the better earned boosts anyway, they aren’t a guaranteed constant to a team playing fair. You know who you are, and the honest players are proud of you. :slight_smile:

For me it’s parts of a whole that is the debatable problem. Even the things you’re all overlooking as no problem matter. If you think you’re unstoppable with it, try joining a lvl 30 team, and using spells and units outside of your suggested or video watched setups, and see if you can still hit those top 50 ranked ones reliably like you used to lol. Not saying it’s impossible, but you should notice some more challenge. :slight_smile:

As for the last reason (I can think of readily) you are seeing less fails, several towers took a hit in power last few updates. A large part is you no longer have the same dps levels to stop things with newer additions, till they level them again. You can beat the dragon with some adjustments, not every time, nor should you, and most of us are in the same boat, leveling stuff we never touched much because it wasn’t great before.

My concluding point is, we all need to think broader on this stuff rather than breaking one thing, and leaving all the other stuff alone. Balance doesn’t work that way.