How on earth do you get 180k medals in diamond league?

180k is the current record in diamond league. That would be 10X my best personal record. How do players get that high? Even with medal boost, I don’t see how it can be 10X what I’m doing, but it must be true! How does it work?

Medals boost is 50% in top 10 , thats 1k medals per raid and for 180 its less than 180 raids in 3 days so nothing unusual.The best record I think was around 450k or more also set by current holder tin1887 whose now quit the game sadly.


They bought food or maybe have unlimited video for food , my best is around 50k

Why do you think that he quit the game?


180 raids is more than twice my raiding rate, and I raid every time my farms fill up. Wow.


Well, I guess this is one more reason why I’m handicapped, being on the Windows platform and whatnot.

Probably bored of the lack of competitive event or something ? I think he achieved a lot Tin so he won’t have regrets , the game gave him some good memories and super fun , he broke records a lot in diamond league , made some of the best raids too and finished as number 1.Hopefully he’ll be back when the game have something more to offer other than just pride and bragging rights.


Hey chill I’m windows user too and been into top 100 before (74th my best position  :grinning:

@Blookie Bloo:


You will be able to raid more often the higher your farms are upgraded. You should try max your farm and silo as fast as possible.

Yeah but don’t upgrade more than 1 farm at a time cause when you upgrade it… it stops and restart only when it’s finished!

@ nemesis6654 I personally prefer to upgrade all 4 at once. then take a break from the game till they are done. this also allows you to easily lower your league then come back and dominate


and to set league records so extremely high you also could have naps while your farms fill so that you don’t need to sleep for like 8 hours at night wasting some food 


Yeah, that’s pretty ridiculous. I mean, your towers don’t stop working just because you’re upgrading them. Why do the farms?

I also wondered this. Ive not upgraded my farms yet and although I know I should, I just want to get other things upgraded first. Will prob do it once my defence is at a level im happy with. Not sure what is worse, doing it one at a time which takes ages or all at once means you cant play without gems or have to stop playing which is frustrating.

Please, stay in topic. To speak about “should a farm work while upgrading?” there is already a topic…for choosing if upgrade 1, 2, 3 or all 4 farms, there is already another topic…the original question was: “how is it possible to get 180k medals?”…thanks guys


And the answer is pretty simple…fighting all the day for 3 days…in my league jimmy got 142600 medals in 24 hours…not bad I say…fighting almost all the day, watching videos, buying bread…be in top 10 with 50% medals boost…average of 6-700 medals per raid…


average of 1000 medals (6-700 + 50%) per raid --> more or less 143 raids in 24 hours --> more or less 6 raids per hour --> 6 x 3 minutes (2:40 for raid and 20 for other) --> 18 minutes per hour every hour of the day…more or less 36 minutes per hour for 12 hours…


Or 143 raids x 3 minutes each --> 429 minutes --> play for 7,2 hours in a row