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hi right now im using wp and i wanna change to my new smartphone samsung android,may i know how transfer my igm to my new phone

Report you have a lost account here: and then follow these instructions:


1-download the new game on you new mobile. 2-use some other name for your new king. 3-then go to 4-post your query there by selecting the lost my account option. 5-provide all the information about your old account.prove them that account belongs to you by providing those information which only you know.i.e-what type of hero gears and which colour background hero gears you are wearing right many towers you have in of your alliance.if recently you brought anything new item.whats your spell levels and unit levels.and all those information which only you know. 6-you also need to provide you new ingame name so that they cane replace your new account with old one. 7-after typing all the things there send it just once and wait for two days or less,your account will be back,because I did the same and got my account back in two days. Note-do not tell them you want to transfer your account,just tell them you somehow lost your account.because in my case I lost my account but regain It after sending an email to them via





These are not my instructions and will find the person to credit and edit/paste it.

This may be a stupid question but how do I reset my battle pathway? I want to change the layout and can’t seem to figure it out. any advice?

Questions are never stupid if you do not know the answer. You have to hold your finger down on a tile (path) and wait for the circle to go all the way around. Then drag your finger. If the path is too long, the line will turn red. The towers and obstacles, you have to put each away individually by clicking on them and storing.


Hope this helps.

Ok but if my path is already set and i want to change it and it just keeps changing the same as it’s already set does that make sense

You may be extending the path to many tiles. You have a set number. If you are dragging your path and the line turns Red, then you do not have enough tiles. If you run across a ruin that needs to be removed, the path will reset itself. Ruins look like broken down stone buildings. If cannot drag your path across these and they take gems to remove. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

drag a strait line.